January catch up with Emma Jewell

We asked Cricut UK content partner, Emma Jewell, what’s she’s been up to this month, in the first of her series of crafty diaries.

Cricut Content Creator Emma Jewell


I can’t believe it’s the end of January, it feels like it’s been a very long version of January! Here’s what I’ve been up to this month! 

As you may know, I present the monthly shows for Cricut on Hochanda – the craft-focused TV shopping channel – demonstrating the machines and everything they can do alongside a presenter in the studio.

I normally head to Peterborough to film the live TV slots, but due to the lockdown things are a little different this month! I am Skyping in live to the studio from my craft room, I have a webcam and monitor set up opposite my craft desk so that I can see the presenter in the studio, and they can see me. It feels very strange to be broadcasting onto live TV from home, especially as it meant I could keep my fluffy slippers on the whole time!

My 2-year-old niece found it a little confusing though, she kept shouting at her TV because I was ignoring her and not replying to her questions. I think she thought I was on Facetime as usual from the craft room! 

Emma Jewell Hochanda shows
My view when I’m broadcasting live for Hochanda.

One of the products we focussed on in this month’s shows was Sportflex Iron-on which is great for using with your stretchy fabrics and things like leggings and tighter t-shirts as it allows your design to stretch with the fabric. I’ve been enjoying making lots of samples for the shows with Sportflex, like children’s leggings, T-Shirts and Sports Bras. I particularly enjoyed this “I sweat glitter” top I created using a design from the Cricut Design Space library.

We recently invested in Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness game for the Nintendo Switch, so I might start wearing it when I next do a little work out in the lounge! 

Since we are in lockdown here in the UK, we’ve been trying to stay occupied and stop it from feeling like Groundhog Day every day. One of my fave ways to trick myself into thinking that I’ve left the house is to sleep in a different room on our air bed every couple of weeks and pretend like we’ve been away for a mini-break. I’m not sure why but it definitely works! 

I’ve also been doing a bit of embroidery in the evenings to stop myself from getting stuck scrolling on my phone. I have been drawing out designs onto fabric using the fabric pen in my Maker to create a template which I can wash off once I have stitched up my design. I find it a really calming way to switch off in the evenings. 

Just before Christmas I introduced a new love of my life into the craft room – my Dreambox. This purpose-built craft cabinet of dreams by Create Room arrived flat packed in December and is now fully built and filled with all of my supplies. It took me over 4 hours just to sort everything into it; it felt particularly important to get everything in rainbow order! 

I love that it gives me a fancy background and a part of the craft room that always looks tidy!  

Emma Jewell sits behind a desk in front of the Dreambox by CreateRoom

It’s already starring in the background of lots of the content I have been creating, I filmed a set of videos to help you get started with Cricut Joy. This getting started series will help you unbox the Cricut Joy, get set up, as well as show you around Cricut Design Space and the Cricut Joy app so you can get making with your new Joy machine. 

I’ve also been playing a lot with some of the newer Cricut products, in particular crystals vinyl and the rose bubbles vinyl, both have such a cool finish once cut. I love anything sparkly, so these are right up my street! 

I’ve been creating a lot with Infusible Ink too. I’m not sure I’ll ever be over how magic it is! I’m particularly loving the new blank cushion covers and cosmetic bags that launched at the end of last year – although I’m not sure there’s room on our sofa for me to make any more cushions! I’m also a big space fan so find myself reaching for the new galactic transfer sheets over any other designs. 

Planning and organisation is always top of my list for January, to get on top of everything for the year, so I created a video and tutorial for Hobbycraft on how to create planner stickers for your planner using the print and cut feature on your Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2. I love making cute but super functional stickers to fit my planner, I actually designed this set with Bridgerton as my inspiration; I have already watched it twice! 

Is anyone else watching The Great Pottery Throwdown, on Channel 4 at the moment? I love a crafty TV show (and pretending I’m an expert in things I know nothing about so that I can shout at the TV) and I really love seeing people being their creative best, it’s magic! I’ve also been getting into Blown Away on Netflix, a glassblowing competition which is absolutely mind-blowing and slightly stressful when the piece they have been working on for hours shatters, but I’d definitely recommend it if you are after something creative to watch! 

Until next time,

Love and Glitter,  

Emma x 

Follow Emma on Instagram and Facebook, join her Facebook Group community – The Cricut Club UK – or visit her web site:


5 gifts that will make any Regencycore fan happy

Since Bridgerton took our hearts by storm, Regencycore, home décor and fashion reminiscent of the 1800’s, is all the rage. We’ve rounded up 5 projects that would make any Bridgerton fan’s heart sing and shorten the wait until the next season lands! All images are available in Design Space and we’ve included the relevant codes and fonts.

Monogram Candle

Smart Label Writeable Paper and Cricut Pens transform simple glasses or jars into elegant candles! Or why not use it to breathe new life into an old scented candle container?

Simply use the square from the basic shapes and attach a monogram. We used #M83F5A0 and #M1E727342.

Regency-Inspired Bookmarks

Can’t wait for the second season? Luckily Bridgerton is based on a book series. Plus, reading the book is an excellent reason for making these stunning bookmarks. We used the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool, #M124766D4, #M28D3B7, a square and Royalty Font.

Monogrammed Notebooks

We’ve put together a tutorial for how to make these monogrammed notebooks. Use them to add some Regency-Flair to any meeting!

Click here for the full tutorial.

Mother’s Day Card

Tell your mum she’s the best, and promise you’ll watch your new favourite show together! You can find the ready-make card project in Design Space.

Regency Cameo Pouch

Make an impression with this pouch for all the bits and bobs. Because let’s be honest, one can never have enough pouches! We used #M37227, #M44c59 and the font is Elegant Cake, all available in Design Space.

If you’re making any of these projects, we’d love to see! Just tag us on Instagram @officialcricut_uk or Facebook @officialcricuteurope!

Happy making!

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Regencycore – DIY the Bridgerton-inspired trend

Netflix’s smash-hit show Bridgerton has taken the world by storm. And who doesn’t want to escape reality for a bit and embrace Regency aesthetics? One of the most amazing things about a Cricut is that it lets you spruce up every-day items to match the latest trends. All you need to make these monogrammed notebooks and bring some Bridgerton-vibes to your home office is:

  • A Cricut machine (Find out which one is right for you here). We’re using Cricut Joy for this project.
  • Deluxe Paper (we are using the ‘By Design’ pack for its lush, brightly coloured patterns)
  • A notebook

Step One

There are so many beautiful styles of monograms, you might have a hard time choosing. So we’ve made it easy for you and selected 4 beautiful designs that will let the patterns of the paper really shine.

Their codes are: #MBE68374 #MBE68986 #MBE6850C #MBE68BA1

We’ve decided to go with #MBE6850C.

Step Two

Hit ‘Make It’ and select ‘On Mat’ for your material. Place your Deluxe Paper with its backing side onto your cutting mat.

Step Three

Set your Material to ‘Deluxe Paper, Adhesive Backed’ and load the material into the machine.

Step Four

Hit ‘Go’ and watch your Cricut get to work!

Step Five

Once the machine has finished cutting, remove the Deluxe Paper from the cutting mat by flipping it over (so the mat is on top) and gently peel the mat away from your design.

Step Six

Weed your monogram! That just means removing all the bits you don’t want. Optional: Use some gold scrap vinyl (we went for Textured Gold Vinyl) to put it under your monogram so it REALLY pops and sparkles.

Step Seven

Place your monogram on your notebook cover, we went for centred with the gold Vinyl underneath for extra Regency glamour!

Enjoy! And go put monograms on everything! These would make a really thoughtful present for the friend who loves Bridgerton as much as you do!

Don’t forget to tag us on social with your makes! Tag @officialcricut_uk on Instagram and @officialcricuteurope on Facebook.


Make to sell with Cricut

At Cricut, we’re passionate about enabling our maker community to turn their dreams into a reality. Our machines, tools, accessories, and software allow people to lead creative lives every day, enabling them to discover new passions and possibilities.

But what if that passion could be turned into a business venture, and you could make money being creative? Here are some of the different ways our members have been using Cricut in their businesses.

Nurture & Cheer

We interviewed Emma of Nurture & Cheer to find out how she designs and makes her own products with the help of her Cricut machines. In this video she explains how she has been able to do more with her machine including expanding her product offering to include her own hand-lettering designs and the ability to offer personalisation on her items. Click here to watch the interview.

Lemon & Bear

Megan Birnie set up her business when she couldn’t find things she wanted for her own wedding and decided to make them instead. She soon realised that other people might be looking for them too, so started selling them. Read the story of her side-hustle here.

The Crafty Gentleman

Mike, otherwise known to his social media followers and customers as The Crafty Gentleman, uses his Cricut to make handmade gifts for crafters and makers. He sells both finished items, such as project bags, and pre-cut iron-on decals that his customers can apply to T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, totes, banners, and many more fabrics. Click here to visit his store.

The Bargello Edit

Nerrisa at The Bargello Edit runs workshops and sells patterns and kits for the super-addictive art of Bargello tapestry. She uses a Cricut to personalise the bags she supplies her kits in. She’s a self-confessed Cricut addict too, so you can see some of her other creations on her Instagram feed.

Laurel Mae Art

Full-time artist Laurel transforms her cute and cosy illustrations into prints, stickers, greetings cards, and bookmarks and sells them in her Etsy shop. She uses her Cricut machine to make stickers that she has drawn digitally and uploaded into Design Space to cut. She shares some of her processes and behind the scenes in her studio on her Instagram feed and stories.

Eimear Hutchinson

Eimear creates stunning map art with the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool from her home in Sligo, Ireland. She makes beautiful personalised gifts and even includes some heart stickers cut from red vinyl so that you can place them on your foiled map in your favourite places.

The Global Cricut Community

People all over the world are using their Cricut machines to sell their makes. Our colleagues in the USA have also been discovering the amazing ways members of our community use our products in their businesses. You can read more about that here.

If you’re marketing your business via social media, we’d love to be tagged on Instagram @officialcricut_uk or Facebook @officialcricuteurope so we can see your creations!


10 Baby grows that are the perfect newborn gift

We might not be able to attend baby showers in person, but that’s no reason not to welcome any Lockdown babies in style. All you need for these projects is some Iron-On, your trusty Cricut machine (if you don’t have one yet, make sure to check out our guide), and an EasyPress or household iron.

That milk tho

This baby grow would make any purist happy! Click here to make it.

Sweet Dreams

Because sleeping babies are the cutest! And parents will be grateful when the little bundle of joy sleeps through! Find the Design Space project here.

Just Llama – no drama

The trendy hipsters in your life will be endlessly grateful to have mini-me rock the llama trend! Find the pink version of this onesie here.

Mama’s little small fry

Maybe this onesie is reminiscent of pregnancy cravings? Make this adorable baby bodysuit now. Instructions can be found here.

Snails & puppy dog tails

Whether you agree with the traditional rhyme of what little boys are made of, this babygrow with hand-lettering-style Iron-On is a-do-ra-ble! Make your own here.

Ahoy world!

Baby might not do much traveling right away, but this nautical baby body with a ship in a bottle is still adorable! Find the project in Design Space.

Little Peanut

Boy or girl, this little peanut baby bodysuit will look perfect on any baby! Step-by-step instructions are in Design Space.

Geometric lion baby grow

Hear me roar! This minimalist lion is not only on trend, it also looks sophisticated in two-tone with black outlines! Find the image and instructions to make your own in Design Space.

Snuggle-bunny baby bodysuit

Whether or not Easter is around the corner, this cute baby grow will make anyone go ‘awwww’. Step by step instructions are in Design Space.

New to the crew

Last, but not least, this cute new to the crew baby bodysuit will be a firm favourite! Learn how to make it in Design Space.

We’d love to see the baby grows you make! Tag us on Instagram @officialcricut_UK or on Facebook @OfficialCricutEurope!

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Round up of members’ first projects

We love seeing the projects you create with your machines, but nothing excites us more than your very first projects!

We know that your first project is a project you’ll never forget so here, we’ve rounded up a few first makes that we’ve spotted in some of the Cricut Facebook groups recently.

Thank you to all our members featured here for giving us their permission to share their pictures.  

Hi everyone, just wanted to show you my very first make for my daughter. 🥰 I’ve had the Maker for a few weeks now but only just bought the vinyl. Not perfect but I think they turned out amazing for a first attempt!” – Jasmin, Cricut UK 

My first make, for my dinosaur mad 3 year old 🦖 ... only got my Joy today and love it so far.” – Jess.M, Unofficial Cricut UK 

“Got my Cricut Maker for Christmas (but couldn’t resist and opened it at the start of December🙈 ). This was my first project – a travel mug for my sister who’s a nurse. She loves it! Looking forward to sharing tips and ideas😊 ” – Michelle G, Cricut Ireland

“I got my Cricut Explore Air 2 yesterday and this is my first ever make…” – Sarah.B, Unofficial Cricut UK 

“I did my first cut 😂 This is exactly what beginners need to think about ‘You Got This’. Don’t be scared, I was until I did this, but I found it’s really fun. Just thinking now what else I can do.” – Amy F, UK Cricut Creators

“First little piece 🙂 made for myself.” – Shanice J, Cricut Ireland

Mine and my daughters first project on the Cricut. She’s 5 and loves a love heart 🥰 so she’s making these into invites for her teddies to come to a party! “– Alex. W, The Cricut Club UK 

“Had my Maker for 3 weeks or so and I was desperate to make some Christmas presents! Not perfect, but for my first attempts I’m happy ad the people who received the presents were happy too! Can’t wait to get to know my Maker better and see what else I can do.” – Emma P, Cricut Scotland

My first make!! I’m so impressed with this machine. I can’t wait to make lots of things! -Robin. M, The Cricut Club UK

Is it normal to get excited over something so simple?? 😂  This is the second time I’ve used my machine and first play with vinyl, I can tell this is going to be addictive -Hayley.S, The Cricut Club UK

We love seeing projects being shared in these groups and seeing members helping each other, sharing their hints, tips and tricks. We love our members!


I started crafting in lockdown

This article first appeared in Papercrafter Magazine, issue 156 (January 2021).

We spotted this article in Papercrafter and couldn’t wait to share it on our blog. Jess’s story is very typical of many Cricut members, where a life event or setback prompts a new hobby. In this article Jess shares how Cricut and crafting helped her to cope with lockdown and we just love the projects she’s been making.

Say hello to Jess Hallas – she is new to the crafting world and is very pleased to meet you!

Crafting in lockdown was the perfect saviour for me. Prior to that, I was juggling full-time work with part-time volunteering for a not-for-profit organisation, so everything was very fast-paced. Then suddenly I was on furlough, and whilst I was still able to do volunteer work from home, I had so much spare time on my hands.

In those first couple of weeks of lockdown I struggled. My other half is in the Emergency Services so he was still going out to work, meaning I had too much alone time. Crafting put some routine back into my life – which I now realise I definitely needed – as well as a sense of purpose. And most importantly I enjoyed it so much, and still do.

I’d had crafts in my mind for a little while. My other half proposed to me in September 2019 and we started venue searching. I soon realised I wanted to design and create our wedding décor. Lockdown finally gave me the time, literally but also mentally, to properly think about what I wanted to do.

I’d had my eye on a Cricut machine for quite some time, so I sold some hair styling equipment (which I never used anyway!) and in exchange I finally bought the Cricut Maker and have not looked back since.

So far I’ve made some wedding crafts but also lots of lovely cards, cake toppers and birthday banners for friends and family.

Pastel colours are my favourite; they’ve stuck with me for the eight months that I’ve been crafting. I’d like to think the cards I make are stylish but also fun, like the dinosaur one (above). I can see my style changing and evolving through my craft journey, but I think that’s the beauty of it! For my friend’s daughter’s birthday party, I made some farm-themed place cards for all the party food, and they are without a doubt my favourite make so far. A lot of love went into crafting them. They were very intricate with lots of layers, but it was an enjoyable couple of evenings spent creating them and it opened up my eyes to the amount of joy I could feel from making things.

I am beyond excited to continue on this crafting journey. I’ve been back at full-time work in a new job, but it hasn’t stopped me crafting; I now make time during evenings and weekends.

I really would love to try out as much as I possibly can. Quite clearly, I love papercrafts and that is what started me on this adventure, so I now want to explore stamping, foiling and embossing, and combine those with die cutting.

During lockdown I also did my first embroidery kit (so relaxing!) and I have a polymer clay kit to try out too. I’m part of the crafting world now – I can’t wait to see where it takes me and I’m definitely never going back.

You can follow Jess on Instagram here:

You can follow Papercrafter magazine on Instagram here:


Free cuts this week.

Here’s a selection of our favourite images from the ‘Free this week’ section in the Design Space Image library. These are all free to cut this week.

There’s something for everyone here, from drawn elements to intricate cuts. What will you make with these free images?

Edge to edge:

Create stunning backgrounds for scrapbook pages and cards with these free images, the intricate patterns would also work great as stencils!

Abstract icons and silhouettes:

Add some geometric shapes into your next project, these designs would look great on a set of coasters!

Be Awesome Phrases: Darling you are fabulous! Use these awesome phrases on anything from T-shirts to make up bags!

Drawn Simple Bouquets:

Use a pen in your machine to draw these beautiful bouquet designs. Add them to simple labels, stickers or use with the Foil Transfer Tool and your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2 to create a delicate foiled project!

2021 Calendar:

Get organised for 2021, create your own monthly calendar with these calendar cards, each one includes cut and drawn elements, you’ll always know the date with these on your desk!

You can discover which images are free every week in Design Space using the image search tool. This blog post explains how.


How we’re using the ‘&’ principle to cope with Lockdown 3.0.

At Cricut we know many of our members find that crafting can help improve or maintain good mental health. Indeed many of us here have used crafting as a form of therapy and we regularly hear from so many members how Cricut has been a lifeline*.

With the UK entering Lockdown 3.0 we know that once again, many of us are having to adapt to cope with the challenges this brings. In the first Lockdown and indeed throughout 2020, we saw a lot of people sharing how they are coming to terms with the emotional impact these challenges can have.  And what we noticed was that sometimes people feel many emotions all at once and sometimes even have emotions that on the face of it seem conflicting.

For example, we can be feeling very anxious about going outdoors and being in crowded places, & at the same time, feel thankful that we have our loved ones safe at home with us now.

Or we might be feeling angry that we can’t see our sons, daughters, parents, grandparents and grandkids & also feel happy that they are safe and well.

This doesn’t just have to be limited to two emotions. At times we can be feeling hundreds of different things all at once. The point is that we need to be kind to ourselves and acknowledge that it’s OK to feel all of these contrasting emotions at the same time. One feeling doesn’t need to take precedence over another.

With one of Cricut’s messages being #Togetherwemake, we’re encouraging you, our members, to share your support for all those feeling conflicted or to share your own thoughts and emotions with this supportive community.

To take part, just share an & on your social media feeds and use the hashtag #CricutCares. This can be something you’ve crafted on your Cricut, something you’ve made, modelled, drawn or stamped or just a simple typed & in a Facebook or Instagram story.

Of course, we’d love for you to tag us on your posts too, and also tag friends you think would like to share their views and support!

Here are a few Design Space Projects that may help you with your creations

Framed &

Quilling &

And here are some great individual & images and a selection of fonts that have lovely & typography, you can, of course, choose your own:

  • & Banner –  #M122A8480
  • Monogram & – #M1284F13C
  • & split sign – MF7D4D7
  • & dots – #M467B9
  • Dotty & – #MC9E501
  • Dimensional & – #MD220E2E
  • Font (DJ Jer)
  • Font (Premier Shaded)
  • Font (Alphabet Soup)
  • Font (Doodletype – Sentcil)
  • Font (Banner Com)
  • Font – (Wall Décor and More)

And here are some ideas for crafting an & as a constant reminder that it’s OK to feel several emotions at once:

  • Try an adhesive paper & sticker on a notebook
  • Add a vinyl & to a water bottle, phone case or mug
  • Iron on lots of different &s onto a cushion or T shirt
  • Cut an & out of an Infusible Ink™ transfer sheet and press it onto a coaster or Tote bag.
  • Use Criuct pens to draw an & and spend some time mindfully colouring it in
  • Draw an & onto fabric with a washable fabric pen and embroider over the lines to create a lovely piece of wall art

* We are not qualified to give mental health advice. Please seek professional help if you regularly feel anxious or depressed. Here are some helpful links:


Mind Charity –


Blurt Foundation –

The Samaritans –


How to cheat at the new year organisation trend

Every January we’re bombarded with hundreds of articles on self-improvement resolutions to be fitter, healthier or more organised. But this year it seems we need to cut ourselves some slack, be a bit kinder to ourselves and avoid piling on the pressure to embark on a fitness regime, Veganuary or a decluttering project.

There are enough challenges in our lives right now without giving ourselves something else to worry about. However, we can let you in to a secret: there is a really easy way to cheat at one resolution this January which will have you feeling like you’re winning at life in no time.

Although we can’t tell you how to nail the 8-minute plank in just two weeks, drop a dress size by Valentine’s Day, and we don’t have a magic formula for remembering to drink your 8 glasses of water a day, we can help you start the year with an organised home (or home office, or playroom, or garage, or pantry…. you get the idea!).

It’s really quite simple. With Cricut Joy you can transform chaos to Home-Edit style organisation with ease. Let’s show you how.

Why it can help to get organised

  • You can completely change the look and feel of your space, turning it from busy to brilliant with a few labels.
  • It makes it easier to remember what you have (or what you need) so you can reduce clutter.
  • You’ll be helping to save the planet. Opting for reusable jars over throwaway plastics means you’re not only feeling organised but you’re helping the environment too.
  • Tidy space, tidy mind. Getting organised can be the great way to keep your mental health in check.

5 ways to get The Home Edit style pantry, with a little help from Cricut – the ultimate home organisation gadget

1.   Cut your own vinyl stickers

The hardest part of this is choosing a font. The rest is up to your Cricut machine, which will cut intricate designs, ready to apply to your food storage containers and start organising your home in ways you’d never imagined before. We’ve taken the guess work out of this project and you can make these soap and lotion labels in minutes with this ready-to-make Design Space project.

2.   Customise, Customise, Customise!

We all want that bespoke feel. With Cricut Joy you can create fully customisable and personalised labels, perfect for any pantry container that’s in need of some organisation. The machine will write the text you want then cut out the label shape. All you need to do is peel and stick.

With Cricut, it’s not only about being organised – it’s about adding your personal style. Create a look that says ‘you’ and use it as inspiration to get organised and create a cohesive look!

Click here to make this project in Design Space.

3. Recycle your old glass jars

These can be easily re-used for storage, just add a label and ta-da! You have neat new cupboard organisers, perfect for tea, coffee, sugar, flour, spices and pastas!

Click here to make this project in Design Space.

4. Go traditional with card tags.

If you don’t have the materials to hand, or you regularly change up what you use your storage for, you can cut tags from card. Just pick your design in Cricut’s Design Space app and let it do the magic. These craft storage boxes are a ready-to-make project in Design Space and you can use the templates to create your own too.

5.   Prep for the week ahead

Plan to perfection with meal containers, labelled with each day of the week. This same concept would work great for home-schooling too. Search for the ‘Days and Dates’ image set in Design Space to find more like this or go right to the project here.

6. Garage makeover

If you are feeling more adventurous and want to tackle a bigger space, labelling works great in the garage too. This is often where things get stored for those times when ‘they might come in handy’, but when the time comes, who can remember where it was stashed? These labels will ensure you know where everything is at a glance.

Click here to open this project in Design Space.

7. Tidy the Tech

Label your cords and cables so you know which lead connects to which appliance and also avoid the “They stole my charger” arguments.

Here are two projects to get you started:

Cord Labels

Phone case and charging Cable Decals

8. Start from scratch

With Cricut Maker you can even make the storage itself. The Knife Blade will cut through thicker materials such as chipboard and basswood so you can create customised tool caddies and pen pots.

Here’s a round-up of a few more Design Space projects to get you off to a flying start:

Soap labels

Playroom labels

Crafting Drawer Tower Labels

Laundry Jar Labels

Desk Organiser

Kitchen Jar Definition Labels