Meet illustrator, artist, and maker Cat Madeira

We’re delighted to announce that another UK artist’s work can now be found in Cricut Design Space.

Cat Madeira’s first image set is called ‘Cheeky Collection’ and you can find her images by searching for ‘Cat Madeira’ in the image sets section of the image library.

We caught up with Cat to ask her about her illustrations, her business – CorazonPomPom – and her favourite creative projects.

Tell us about you… who is Cat Madeira?

I am a crafter/designer/illustrator originally from Portugal but living in Nottingham, UK. I have a passion for crafts and punch needle at the moment, all things rainbow and colourful. 

Tell us a bit about your illustration style and the type of images we can find in your image sets.

My illustration style is cute, punny and quirky. You will be able to find lots of cool designs that can be used together such as the tiger with sunglasses on a T-shirt, the terrazzo shapes to make a mural for your home, or the layered shadow box style designs, and many more.  I mostly design things that I want for myself too, there needs to be that passion in the process of design. 

Anyone looking through your Etsy Shop or Instagram feed will immediately see you love colour. Explain to us where your love of colour comes from.

My love of colour comes from growing up surrounded with folk art, beautiful fabrics (my grandma was a seamstress) so I am naturally attracted to anything bright and colourful. Colour is life. 

Cliche question alert! Where do you take inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from everyday life, objects, cute animals and colour obviously. I also love projects with multiple textures. 

Have you always loved illustrating / drawing?

I was very lucky to grow up with a creative family that supported my love for the arts. I remember making my first poster at 7 years old for my school exhibition and I haven’t stopped since then. 

Tell us about your process – does it start on paper or do you work digitally?

It all starts in scraps of paper or on the notes of my phone. I try to write or draw all my ideas straight away even if silly. I will then turn them into digital works with the help of Adobe Illustrator or Procreate. Sometimes they don’t work but I keep everything just in case I can come back later and transform it into something good. Some of my illustrations are translated into punch needle projects too and my Cricut Maker comes very handy to draw onto the fabric. 

Where else can we find your illustrations?

You can find my works in my Etsy shop and on my Instagram @corazonpompom. I share some of my processes there too. Of course you can now also find the images that I have designed in Design Space. 

What do you love creating with your Cricut?  

I have a Cricut Maker and I use it almost daily to make some of the packaging and tags for my Etsy shop. I also love to customise items in my house and clothes for my family. I hope to create a lot more things such as a mural one day (with lots of colours obviously). I might have influenced a few family members to make things with their Cricut too so it’s always lovely to be able to talk about what projects we are working on or ideas that we have. I can’t wait to see how everyone uses the images that I have designed! 

We couldn’t wait to get started with some of Cat’s images. Head to our Instragram feed to see a reel showing how we created these ‘roarsome’ cushion covers