#MonthofMakes part 1

Have you heard? We’re gearing up for a whole month of inspiration, prompts and ideas to get you making again. Throughout July – in our #MonthofMakes – we’ll be sharing a different theme every day, and you can join in as much or as little as you like!

Thursday 1st July – Space

Tomorrow – 1 July – we’re kicking off with a Space theme. Will you add the phases of the moon to the front of your notebook, a galaxy of stars to your bedroom wall, or simply a rocket to your backpack?

Friday 2nd July – Summer

We’re in the mood to celebrate summer, and the forecast says it’s going to heat up over the weekend. It’s the ideal excuse to add a bit of bling to your picnic glasses, customise a picnic rug, or plan for a typical British summer early evening temperature drop with a handy summer-vibes jacket.

Saturday 3rd July – Flowers

The perfect embellishment, Cricut flowers come in all shapes and sizes. Create a showstopping centrepiece if you have the time, or add a floral motif to a vase or a cushion cover in an instant. Or how about sending a loved one a bunch of flowers on a handmade card just because you can?

Sunday 4th July – Beach

Whether you’re creating something to take to the beach, or something that reminds you of a day well spent with the sand between your toes, we have some great ideas for beach-themed projects. How about a Beach Memory Jar, Infusible Ink bathing beauties coasters, a Punny Beach Face T-shirt or a customised frame?

Come back on Monday for more inspiration for next week’s prompts.

Join in on social media by sharing pictures of your makes with the hashtag #MonthofMakes.


Join us for a Month of Makes

We know how easy it is to get caught up in a creative funk and all of a sudden, a month has passed and you haven’t made anything just for the joy of being creative. With the question over the final lockdown restrictions easing, and uncertainty around events, holidays and get-togethers, a little craft time can be the perfect pick-me-up.

The Cricut #MonthOfMakes is for everyone who wants to get making but doesn’t feel inspired. Or for anyone who feels they don’t have the time to commit to making something.  Throughout July, we’ll share a quick and easy project to make in our Instagram stories each day.  Each project will come with a prompt giving you the perfect balance of inspiration and flexibility to join in and make something for yourself.

And how much you make is perfectly up to you. You might be inspired by one particular project prompt, or maybe you could dedicate the same half-hour every week to your creating. Of course, we’d love to see people joining in every day!

Join in on social media by sharing pictures of your makes with the hashtag #MonthOfMakes – and we even got some special stickers for your Instagram stories!


Get the Love Island look

Love Island is back, and (as many Cricut members already know) you can ‘make’ like you’re at the villa with your machine and some vinyl. Let’s show you how.

Temperatures are rising on and off our TV screens this summer as Love Island returns TODAY! Although you may not be at the villa you can still match the new Islanders in style, by creating your own personalised accessories inspired by the show, with Cricut.

You can get ‘grafting’ and make and customise whatever you want. Cricut machines are a one-stop shop for crafting, cutting and upcycling and allow you to make your own personalised creations at home, in three easy steps – just Design, Cut and Apply.

So why not make your own Love Island-themed accessories which are totally your ‘type on paper?

Here are some easy projects to get you started:

Love Island water bottles

It’s easy to create the iconic look with a Cricut Joy™

  • You need a clear reusable water bottle, some (pink!) Smart Vinyl, Transfer Tape and a Cricut Joy.
    • If you’re keen on the exact lettering used, the font is called Pecita and can be downloaded for free from *Check usage rights with Dafont.
    • Open a new project in the Cricut Design Space app. Type your name in your preferred font and resize to about 4-5 inches (10 cm to 13 cm) . Load the vinyl into your machine and click ‘Make It’. Cricut Joy will do the rest!
    • After the vinyl has been cut, you’ll need to remove the excess using a ‘weeding’ tool before using Transfer Tape to lift and apply the name to your bottle.
    • The same steps apply to personalising many items – go Love Island crazy and add your name to your mobile phone case, luggage and even your favourite make-up.

Personalised apparel

Fancy slipping into a personalised silky robe or – if the British weather turns – a hoodie in order to catch up on the latest Island drama? With Cricut, you can also personalise and upcycle clothing, so a great way to refresh something you own already. You’ll just need Iron-On vinyl (HTV) or Smart Iron-Onand a Cricut EasyPress™.

  • As before, open up the Cricut Design Space app and type in your name.
    • Choose your preferred colour of Iron-On vinyl (HTV) or Smart Iron-On, load into your Cricut Joy and press ‘Go’.
    • Remember to ‘mirror’ your name so that when it is transferred onto your robe or hoodie, the words will read the right way.
    • Remove the excess vinyl using a weeding tool – the carrier backing sheet will remain intact making it easy to position and apply your design.
    • Check what heat setting you need on your Cricut EasyPress for the Iron-On material and base material you’ve chosen, by checking the handy heat guide and pre-heat your garment to help with the adhesion.
    • Place your design on your garment and apply the EasyPress for the correct time with a light pressure.
    • Apply heat to the back of your material using your EasyPress to ensure best results, then wait for it to cool down before removing the backing sheet to make sure it has attached properly.
    • And then … voila! Relax, grab a mocktail and tune in to Love Island 2021.

All images © Emma Jewell.


Make a Cutie. Win a Cutie.

Want a chance to win a Cricut Cutie? Well, for the first time ever, we’re giving away 100 Cuties.

Here are the rules:

1. Follow CricutUK on Facebook.

2. Make a project featuring a Cricut Cutie between June 25 – June 30, 2021.

3. Post a picture of your project under the pinned Facebook post by midnight MST on June 30, 2021. Be sure to include #makeacutie2021 in your post.

Read the Official Rules here.

Cricut Cuties are hard to come by. Don’t miss your chance to have one of your own! Check out 100+ images and projects, all free in Design Space this week only, ending June 30, 2021. Once this promotion ends, only Cricut Access subscribers will have unlimited use of these featured Cricut Cutie projects and images.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your design, show us what you made, and you’ll be entered in for a chance to win. (See official rules above.)

Get creative and start making — you may enter up to 3 times.

Click here to make a Vinyl Cutie for your machine. You’ll need white, black, and gold vinyl.

Cutie Banner

Click here to make a Cutie Banner. You’ll need cardstock in various colours colours.

Click here to make Cutie Stickers. You will need Printable Sticker Paper and a home printer. This project is compatible with Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines.

Click here to make a Cutie Club T-Shirt. You’ll need black, white, and bright teal Iron-On.

Click here to make a Cutie Buddy. You’ll need black, white and green cardstock.

Need additional inspiration?  To fuel your imagination, view these Cutie images. We can’t wait to see what you make.

Cute Image Sets

Inspiration for your Maker 3 – Tiger mandala cushion

Did you know Cricut Maker™ 3 is up to twice as fast as previous machines thanks to Smart Materials™? So now those intricate projects will be cut in half the time! But don’t worry, we haven’t taken away the wonderful art of weeding! Who else finds weeding therapeutic? We certainly do. So, here is some intricate inspiration for your Cricut Maker 3.

When using Smart Materials for your intricate cuts gives you stunning results in half the cutting time is there any excuse? You can create detailed cuts for home décor projects like this tiger cushion, using Smart Iron-on. Personalising your home has never even easier.

You will need:

Step One

Open the Cricut Design Space™ desktop, iOS or Android app and search the image library for the image ‘Tiger Mandala’ … image reference #M85C3713. Add it to the canvas. Resize the image to fit your cushion blank. Then, hit ‘Make it’. As the image is symmetrical there is no need to mirror the image as you would normally with Iron-On projects.

Step Two

Load the Smart Iron-on into the machine face down. Use the Roll Holder if you have a long length of Smart Iron-on to keep your material aligned, for a clean, precise cut. Select Smart Iron-on Glitter as your material setting then start cutting. Your machine will measure the length of Smart Material first to check that there is enough for the project before it starts cutting.

Step Three

Once cut, eject the material from the machine and cut off the excess vinyl. The Roll Holder has an inbuilt trimmer to make this super simple! Then use your weeding tool to remove all of the pieces from the design.

Step Four

Once your image is weeded, heat up your EasyPress. Be sure to check the Cricut Heat Guide for the correct heat and time for your blank and type of iron-on. Pre-press your blank for 10 seconds to remove any moisture then lay your image face up onto the blank. Press for the correct time as indicated on the Heat Guide and also press on the reverse to ensure long-lasting results.

Step Five

The most satisfying step! Once pressed, carefully peel back the clear carrier sheet to reveal your finished design.

You can now add a cushion into the cover, and add to your sofa to create a cosy, beautiful space!


Mother and daughter’s love of Cricut leads to successful business

We’ve learned that thanks to Cricut, sometimes, dreams really do come true. We were humbled to hear about this Mother-daughter combo, where a joint love of crafting led to a successful Cricut business and couldn’t wait to share their story with you.

Where it all began

Mother-daughter duo Sue (56) and Hannah (33), from Buckinghamshire, had been using their Cricut for personalised gifts for friends, work displays and supporting community groups. They saw the joy handcrafted and personalised gifts brought to people and turned their passion into a family business, setting up Strange Magic Crafts. The duo saw their most successful year yet during the pandemic with the quality of gifts produced with Cricut leading to positive reviews and repeat purchases.

Lifelong crafters Sue and Hannah have always been close. They set up Strange Magic Crafts, a successful craft business, together, in 2018. The business, specialising in customised gifts and drinkware, has enjoyed real growth over the last 12-18 months with products available through their Etsy shop as well as local, independent handcraft stores run by the Craft Coop.

Sue has been crafting for over 30 years, trying everything from decoupage to scrapbooking, but it was when she first bought a Cricut Explore™ in 2007 that she realised the potential and versatility the machine would bring to her crafting. She introduced Hannah and they have been fans ever since, now using Sue’s Cricut Joy™, Cricut Explore™ and Cricut Maker to create personalised gifts for friends, displays at work and t-shirts for local community groups. They saw first-hand the joy that creating a handcrafted, personalised item can bring people.

Building a business with Cricut

Hannah, a full-time teacher, suggested turning this joint passion for crafting into a business in 2018. Huge Disney fans, the inspiration for the business came from creating their own personalised t-shirts to take on trips to DisneyWorld.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK in 2020, Hannah moved back in with her parents, and this gave an unexpected boost to the business. Sue and Hannah were able to spend more time working together on new designs, creating more products and focusing on developing their social media presence. Coupled with an increase in consumers buying local, buying independent and buying from businesses able to provide products that were current, they experienced their most successful year with a water bottle supporting the NHS, their top-seller.

Sue says: “It’s wonderful working with my daughter, and we’re lucky that we get on so well and are equally passionate about crafting with Cricut and building our business. We recognise each other’s strengths so take different roles within the business. There will always be times we have frustrations or creative differences but being family means we can overcome these more easily.”

For anyone looking to start their own business, Sue has the following advice: “It’s so important to learn by reading everything you can and just being patient – don’t expect it all to happen overnight! Try to find your niche and work within that by developing different ideas and designs to see what works. We’ve found that using Cricut products has given our business and products a quality that ensures good reviews and repeat purchases which is so important for us as a small business.”

Find Strange Magic Crafts Online

Strange Magic Crafts Etsy store:

Strange Magic Crafts Instagram:

Strange Magic Crafts Facebook:


Alternative Father’s Day cards – cards for every dad

This Father’s Day we want to celebrate all of the dads, even those who it’s hard to find a card for. Whether it’s the honorary dads, two dads or those who don’t share your DNA but give that dad energy 24/7, we have some ideas for alternative Father’s Day cards!

Cricut Joy is perfect for card making and who doesn’t love to receive a homemade card? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a special card for those honorary dads. The stepdads, foster dads, uncles, grandads, and all-round good eggs! The ones who are always there for you when you need someone to do some DIY, give you a lift or tell you the most awful jokes!

We’ll use Cricut Joy, insert cards and the Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Tool to create our card.

You will need:

Step One

Open Cricut Design Space and search for the design ‘Honorary Dad Card’ or image reference #M2923EBD7 in the image library. Select it and add it to your canvas.

Step Two

Update the line type of all of the pen layers to foil, then click ‘Make It’.

Step Three

Place the Insert Card on the card mat by sliding it into the mat layers. Make sure the front of the card is well stuck down to the mat. Place a sheet of foil, coloured side up, on top of the card then use the tape provided to secure the foil on all four sides. Stretch the foil taut as you go to ensure best results.

Step Four

Remove the blade from your Cricut Joy and insert the Foil Transfer Tool. Load the mat into the machine, chose Insert Card Cardstock as your material setting, then click ‘Go’. Once the foiling is complete, carefully remove the foil sheet from the mat, making sure not to eject the mat from the machine.

Step Five

Next, swap the Foil Tool with the blade. Click ‘Go’ on your device so that the machine can start cutting.

Step Six

Once the machine has finished cutting, click ‘Unload’ to remove the mat from the machine. Gently remove the card from the mat and add in the insert card to all four corners of the card to complete it.

More alternative Father’s Day cards

Here are some more ideas for alternative Father’s Day cards for all dads:

For the dads that choose you – no DNA required. Click here to make the ‘Brave’ card and click here to make the ‘Love not DNA’ card.

For those with double the dad love, let them both know what wonderful dads you have. For ‘Double the Love’ search for image #M29C64C54 and for ‘Wondeful Dads’ search for image #M29C64C73.

If you are making Father’s Day cards this year, don’t forget to share them with us by tagging Cricut UK on Facebook (Cricut UK), Instagram (@Cricut_UK) or TikTok (Cricut_UK).


A closer look at Cricut Explore 3

The day has finally arrived… Cricut Explore 3 is now available to purchase!

In this video we look at the features of the Cricut Explore 3 and show you what comes inside the box.

Here are some more useful links for finding out more about Cricut Explore 3:


A closer look at Cricut Maker 3

We’re so excited that Cricut MakerTM 3 is now available to purchase!

Follow along as we unbox a Cricut Maker 3 and walk through all of the cool features. Plus, we’ll show you what you get inside the box.

Here are some more useful links for finding out more about Cricut Maker 3:


Join the all-new Cricut machine preview event for your chance to win.

Join @themakerykate as she demonstrates the all-new Cricut Explore 3 and Cricut Maker 3 machines in a free exclusive preview event at John Lewis.

With Cricut, you can make virtually any DIY project you can imagine, from wall decals to home décor, jewellery, iron-on, vinyl, paper and much more. And now with the all-new machines, you can create your own projects smarter and faster than ever.

At the event, Kate will share insights into what’s new, how the machines work and will give you plenty of creative inspiration. The session will be a demonstration rather than a craft-a-long, with the opportunity to ask questions to our Cricut experts.

By booking a ticket, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win an Explore 3 bundle worth £350.* You’ll also receive a voucher code that entitles you to two Smart Vinyl Shimmer 3ft rolls worth £20 when you purchase either a Cricut Explore 3 or Maker 3 from 10th June 2021 at John Lewis.

Ticket sales close 12pm on Tuesday 8th June 2021 and can be purchased here.

*Terms and Conditions apply.