The art of tablescaping

Instagram is awash with images of beautiful tablescapes making an event of even the most mundane Sunday brunch. Here, we’ve put together our top tips for nailing this trend.

What is tablescaping?

It’s way simpler than it sounds. Tablescaping is simply the act of creatively decorating your tabletop. Traditionally, you’d have seen these beautiful table settings at events and weddings but these days, even a casual meal with friends can be reason enough to dress to impress.  

You’ll see lots of celebrities like Laura Jackson and Fiona Leahy adding charm to their dinner parties by adding creative touches to their tables. But with a bit of imagination and a touch of DIY, you can get the look at home for a fraction of the cost.

Here are our top tips for stunning tables:

  • Pick a theme / Find your inspo

Is it casual-chic, stylish-spook, Autumn-harvest or Winter-sparkle? There’s lots of ways to be inspired, whether it’s a colour, an occasion, a season or a place. There are loads of ideas that have been shared on Pinterest, so this is a great place to get started!

  • Make the most of what you have

Find playful new ways to repurpose things you already have in your home. Like giving your old white tablecloth a new lease of life by dying it with tumeric or adding some iron-on vinyl to napkins for personalised name settings. You could also go on a nature walk to collect pinecones or pick some fresh flowers from your garden. Sometimes the best things in life are free.

Things you might need:

Level 1- the basics: Dishes, silverware, glasses, napkins and a tablecloth

Level 2 – the décor: Candlesticks, flowers and garlands

Level 3 – the extra touches: Anything from pumpkins and fruits to mirrors or trinkets

  • Upcycle or recycle

Grab those empty jars and pots, some paints, yarns or vinyl and start decorating. Or if you find your table is still missing something, head to a charity shop. They’re filled with all sorts of treasure that could be perfect for your table but won’t break the bank.

Learn the art of Tablescaping

5 ways to DIY your table with Cricut

Add some height!

The best decorations don’t always have to be on the table. Create decorations to hang from the ceiling for that extra wow-factor. Rosette fans and banners are a perfect choice and all you’d need is your Cricut, some card, glue and string.

Design Space Rosette Fans Project

Get crafty with your table settings

It’s all in the extra-finishes, and who doesn’t love a table-setting keepsake to take home with them? Grab some napkins and turn them into a personalised masterpiece using iron-on vinyl.

Custom napkins Design Space project

Give your old table runner a new lease of life

Transform your table runner from drab to fab by adding iron-on elements that match your theme perfectly.

Geometric Table runner Design Space project

Family Table setting Design Space project

Not enough placemats? No problem

Choose from an array of images on Cricut’s free app, Design Space. And cut your own placemat out of card! Or you could even use Design Space projects to learn how to quilt one.

Hungry Bear Placemat Design Space project

Quilted Placemat Design Space project

Add the finishing touches

Add some feature points to your display, like these huge paper flowers or a showstopper centrepiece. Or why not temporarily update your tablweare by adding a removable vinyl snowflake. For longevity always opt for permanent vinyl for pieces that will be washed. These updates are super affordable, super-easy and super-chic!

Jug Design Space project

Leaf Centrepiece Design Space Project

And one more tip…don’t forget to share your Cricut tablescapes using #CricutCreated on social media.

Tropical leaf centrepiece made with Cricut

Guide to Cricut Smart Materials

You may have seen that the latest and greatest Cricut Machines – Cricut Maker™ 3 and  Cricut Explore™ 3 – are compatible with Smart Materials™. But what are Smart Materials and how do you use them? We’ve compiled this guide to Cricut Smart Materials to help you understand more about these clever Vinyl, Iron-on and Paper products. (If you haven’t met Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3 yet, you can find out about them here.)

What are Smart Materials?

Cricut Smart Materials are consumables that are designed to feed directly into your Cricut Maker 3 or Cricut Explore 3 machine without a mat. The latest and greatest machines in the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore families — Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3 — have more processing power, more memory, and more powerful motors. These enhancements were all designed to drive Smart Materials accurately, at high speeds, and to keep them perfectly aligned, even for your most intricate cuts. 

Introducing Cricut Maker 3

Just feed your choice of Smart Vinyl™Smart Iron-on™, or Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock™ into the machine guides, press the Load button, and the machine takes it from there. As there’s nothing to prepare, you can concentrate on the best part — making.    

No Longer Limited by the Mat

Before Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3, cuts were limited to the size of the mat, the largest of which is 12 in x 24 in (30.4 cm x 60.9 cm).  Now you can cut beyond them mat with a single image, or repeated images, up to 12 ft (3.6 m) in one go! No more slicing your extra-long birthday banners, wall decals & so much more.

Cricut Smart Materials - Vinyl

Meet the Smart Materials Family

Smart Vinyl

The all-new Smart Vinyl is available in both permanent and removable varieties. It also comes in a wide array of colours, effects, and material lengths from 3 ft (0.9m) to 75 ft (22.9m). It’s super easy to weed, and apply, so you can add a personal touch to just about anything. 

Removable Smart Vinyl

Recommended for indoor projects as well as temporary creations, Removable Smart Vnyl is durable, yet it removes without residue. Now you can apply a wall decal without the worry of removal. Enjoy a residue-free surface whenever you are ready for something new, and if you are renting you can still decorate in your choice of style!

Cricut Smart Materials Removable Vinyl

Permanent Smart Vinyl

The weather-resistant finish of Permanent Smart Vinyl is ideal for outdoor projects or any project that you want to last and last. Why not add your business logo to your car or your favourite quote to a sign? Looking to make the most of summer in the garden? Why not decorate your table, chairs, or tablemats? Permanent Smart Vinyl is also suitable for items that will be washed such as glasses, cups or mugs.

Smart Iron-On

The all-new Smart Iron-on cuts beautifully, weeds easily, and applies effortlessly. Now you can wear your creativity on your sleeve, your pocket, or on your leggings. Layer colours, and rest easy with your T-Shirt in the laundry bin – Cricut Smart Iron-On has been tested to outlast 50+ washes. Available in a variety of colours, effects and lengths from 3 ft (0.9 m) to 9 ft (2.7 m).  

Cricut Smart Iron-On
Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock 

No glue, no mess! Skip the glue for hassle-free paper projects with Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock. Simply cut, peel, and stick. Create fun cards, bold banners, attractive posters, and layered paper projects of all kinds. Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock comes in 13 in (33 cm) x 13 in (33 cm) sheets. 

Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock Space Display

Added Extras for Smart Materials. 

The Cricut Roll Holder is the perfect accessory. It keeps rolled Smart Materials organised, and aligned, for clean, precise cuts. It attaches easily to Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3, holds rolls from 4 ft – 75 ft (3m – 22.8 m), and even has a built-in trimmer for a straight edge every time!

Cricut Roll Holder

When your materials are 13 inches wide, you’ll need tools that are up to the job. The new Cricut 13 inch trimmer is available individually or as part of the Essential Tool Set so you can be sure that when you trim your smart materials they’re clean and precise, ready for loading into the machine for your next cut.

Cricut 13 inch trimmer

As for Transfer Tape that is longer now too, so you can easily transfer those extra-long projects without a hitch. You’ll find some handy hints and for applying Smart Vinyl with Transfer Tape here

Tips and Tricks for Smart Materials

Follow these tips to get perfect results from your Smart Materials:

  • Align the left material edge with the left material guide on the machine. This step is crucial when cutting more than 3 ft (0.9m). 
  • Keep your scraps! You can cut leftover Smart Materials on a mat.
  • To get the most out of your Smart Vinyl, create a cut box around your image. Once cut, only weed the area around the image. This leaves the backing in place, so it is still wide enough (13 in or 33 cm) to cut your next project without a mat.  

#MonthofMakes Roundup Part 3

We are back with week 3 of #MonthofMakes, daily prompts on Instagram Stories to help spark ideas to get you making! These are quick and easy ideas so that whether you are a beginner or an expert, everyone can join in.

If you missed the previous weeks’ ideas, see here for #MonthofMakes Roundup Part 1 and see here for #MonthofMakes Roundup Part 2.

You can also see what our fantastic Cricut Community has created by search #MonthofMakes on Instagram!

Here is a roundup of last week’s #MonthofMakes themes:

Day 16: Kindness

The gift of giving to be kind and giving to thank someone for kindness are both great reasons to make!

Paula from TheCraftyLass on Instagram created a beautiful piece of home décor with vinyl and kindness as the focus.

Paula used the font ‘DTC Bikini Babe’ for the text and a simple circle shape for the confetti pieces.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Kindness

Cards are always a great way to thank someone for their kindness. Maysiebug on Instagram created this beautiful card with her Cricut Joy™ and Insert Card Pack.

Day 17: Food

Food is a fun theme to create projects for yourself or as a gift! We created a donut coaster using our Coaster Blanks and Infusible Ink™!

Project includes image from Design Space #M273120CC.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Food

Birthday cakes are a great idea for the theme food and could be used on cards, bunting, party decorations and more! Abby from alex_in_wonderland__x on Instagram created their very own paper-made cake.

Day 18: Mystic

If using a Cricut machine isn’t magical enough, we wanted to share some mystic inspired projects too! Kristal Sparklechildlondon on Instagram created a bag of magic tricks using our Tote Bag Blanks and Infusible Ink!

Day 19: Motivation

Whether they are words of encouragement for you or for someone else, inspirational quotes can help you power through! We decorated a notebook for our big ideas!

Project includes image from Design Space #M25EC7473.

Day 20: Card

We love to make cards for all occasions and we know our wonderful Cricut Community does too! Rabia from LondonCraftGirl on Instagram created a birthday Card with her Cricut Joy and Insert Cards.

This is a project available in Design Space which you can see here.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Cards

The end of the school term is here and we have seen lots of thank you cards for teachers like these ideas by Laurie from Raspberrymoon.creations on Instagram.

A handmade card is always a good idea and birthdays are the perfect time to get making! Abby from alex_in_wonderland__x on Instagram created a cute jungle-themed birthday card that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face!

Day 21: Under The Sea

This fun theme is great for bathroom décor and making with the kids! Zoe from Oodlesofcraft on Instagram created felt under the sea shapes that her kids could play with.

You can watch the tutorial for how Zoe made this on Instagram here.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Under the Sea

Donna from Donnaleacrafting on Instagram created an adorable octopus and turtle for the theme using her Cricut MakerTM and chipboard.

Day 22: Garden

When Spring and Summer arrive, it’s time to up our gardening game. Personalised plant pots, garden signs, and herb labels are a great idea for your garden. We created this plant pot décor using Permanent Vinyl as it’s UV and water-resistant for up to three years.

Find out more about permanent vinyl here.

Project includes images from Design Space #M7865E46, #M10DCD3FF, #MF7275AF, #M10DA3194 which are free in Design Space.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Garden

Fiona from Katy_Lou_Designs on Instagram personalised her deck chair!


We are posting a quick and easy project every day on Instagram Stories throughout July.

These are to a different theme every day to help inspire you to get making! #MonthofMakes is for everyone and we would love to see your creations by using the hashtag #MonthofMakes on Instagram.


Christmas in July

Running a business often means thinking months in advance, and with Christmas just six months away, July is the ideal time to begin the preparations.

The more you can do now, the more prepared you will be for Christmas shoppers! A great tip is to plan ahead so that by Christmas you will already have planned Easter and be moving onto products for next Summer!

What to Think About

Firstly, decide which products will be in your Christmas range. You can then begin your preparations!

Think about your existing range and how you could evolve that for Christmas. For example, could you do Christmas T-shirts or pyjamas, candles, stocking tags, signs, food or beauty gifts with a Christmas theme or scent?

Sourcing and ordering in stock is your first priority, followed by deciding on the packaging and presentation. Once you have decided on this you can order in any Cricut materials that you will need to make or enhance your packaging.

Cricut Christmas Vinyls

Labels, gift tags, stickers, envelopes or boxes are great ideas to make with your machine for personalised and unique packaging solutions.

Next, you should focus on your marketing campaign! Revisit your Social Media Platforms and Website. Schedule in your campaigns and decide if you are going to have themed newsletters for your existing customer base.

Remember to also check whether your terms and conditions/return or refund policies are up to date too.

Pricing Up

It’s super important to take time to calculate the costs of your materials and time vs the cost you will price the product as on your website.

A good idea is to bundle up items! Do you have any stock that you could bundle together with seasonal packing? Providing different options is a great way to sell further products.

You may want to consider offers and discounts throughout the season. Maybe think about ‘Gift One, Buy One’ as this encourages customers to buy a gift for a friend, whilst also treating themselves.

A 5% or 10% discount code may also encourage this, or offering a discount on future purchases could bring in new and returning customers.

The Fun Bit

Get making! It’s time to create your products, packaging labels, gift cards and whatever else you have considered to make the perfect product. The more you can prepare in the coming months the better!

Make sure you have spare mats and blades for your machines as they will be working hard for you!

When Should I Launch?

The answer is simple – now! There are many people who like to shop ahead, so as soon as your products are ready, pop them on sale, and offer them to your existing customers and launch your items on your Newsletter and Social Media Platforms.

You could even have an exclusive offer for your most loyal customers, or offer a prize on your Social Media Platforms to launch your Christmas Campaign.

What Part can my Cricut Machine Play in This?

You can use your Cricut machine to make your products and your packaging! From cutting material for Christmas stockings to making cards or coasters, adding infusible ink or vinyl to Christmas slogan clothing/Pyjamas, adding personalisation, and so much more!

Labels, stickers, envelopes, tags, are just a few of the items that can be made on your machine to enhance your packaging. All of these can be personalised to your business and add that special touch.

Remember, a sticker on the outside of the box or padded envelope will be seen by everyone who deals with that parcel. A great way to gain further exposure for your business!

The list is endless, but what you can guarantee is that whatever you make will be exclusive to your brand.

Virtual Cricut Cocktail Club Kit

Inspiration for your Explore 3 – Ice cream party bags

Whip up some party bags with the Explore™ 3 using Smart Paper™ Sticker Cardstock. With the new machine and Smart Materials™, customisation is 2x faster than before, making projects like these fun ice cream party bags, quick, easy and they look amazing too!

These summery ice cream party bags would be perfect for a children’s party and since there’s no glue needed with sticker cardstock projects this is a mess-free project that the whole family can get involved in!

You will need:

  • Party bags
  • Ribbon

Step One

Open up a new project in Cricut Design Space. Then search for the images ‘Popsicle’ #M294C8ED5, ‘Popsicle’ #M294C8EB7 and ‘Ice Cream Cone’ #M294C8EC3, in the image library and add them to the canvas. Resize all of the images to fit your bags, we resized ours to 5 inches tall. Then click ‘Make It’.

Step Two

Choose Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock as your material setting, then load the material, face-up, into your Explore 3. Repeat this step until all of the colours are cut.

Step Three

Take a party bag and start layering up the sticker cardstock pieces, start with the largest piece sticking it straight onto the bag then layer up the rest of the pieces to create the ice cream shapes.

Step Four

Add ribbon to the handles of the bags and fill with treats! You could also cut circles of sticker cardstock and use them to seal up the party bags too. Now your bags are complete it’s time to get ready to party!

Want more making inspiration? Check out all of our making tutorials here.


Craft Awards Nominations

We are excited to announce we have been nominated for not one, but two awards! We’ve been shortlisted in the Best of Craft Awards 2021 and British Sewing Awards 2021 and now it’s up to you to vote for your winner!

Voting is now open and we’d love our fantastic Cricut community to get involved and vote for us!

Best Crafts Awards 2021

Readers from Crafts Beautiful and PaperCrafter magazine voted in a number of craft-based categories and we are shortlisted for the category: Favourite Die-Cutting Range.

Vote for us in Best Craft Awards 2021 here.

Introducing Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3

We love seeing the different ways makers use their machines! We can all agree, that creating for every occasion has never been easier with a Cricut machine. From our Cricut Joy™ Machine to the new Cricut Maker™ 3, there is a machine for everyone to help unleash their creativity!

British Sewing Awards 2021

We have been shortlisted for the category: Best Fabric Cutting Machine Brand after nominations took place with readers from Sew Magazine.

Vote in the British Sewing Awards here. You might even win a prize for taking part!

We love seeing how sewists use their machines to create beautiful projects with fabric! You can cut fabric with the Cricut Maker™ and Cricut Maker 3 machines and pre-stablised or bonded fabric can also be cut on Cricut Explore Air™ 2 and Cricut Explore™ 3 machines.

Check out all the materials that these fantastic machines can cut, here.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the amazing makers out there who voted for us to be shortlisted and don’t forget to vote for us as the winners!


#MonthofMakes Roundup Part 2

This week, we are back with more ideas and inspiration to get you making! Sometimes all you need is an idea or a theme to help spark ideas for your own crafty makes. So join us every day on Instagram Stories for #MonthofMakes!

Some of week 2’s prompts have been Dinosaurs, Plants, Banner and Make to Give and we have loved seeing the Cricut community get involved! Search the hashtag #MonthofMakes on Instagram to see all the amazing makes our Cricut Community have created so far.  

If you didn’t catch #MonthofMakes Roundup Part 1, you can find it on the blog for more project-making inspiration!

Here is a roundup of this week’s #MonthofMakes themes:

Day 9: Sports

From personalising activewear to water bottles, there are lots of ways your Cricut Machine can help! Eimear from @EimearHutchinson on Instagram used SportFlex Iron-on to personalise a swimming costume!

Personalised swimming costume idea

Eimear made a tutorial for her project which you can see as a video Reel on Instagram.

Project includes image from Design Space #M26A1BA05.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Sports

To give more ideas for this theme, we have taken a look at our wonderful community’s makes.

Cards are perfect for all occasions! Maysiebug on Instagram made a card to celebrate a sporting win!

Congratulations handmade card

Day 10: Plants

Real or paper – plants are always a good idea! You could personalise your plant pots and watering cans like the proud plant parent you are! Or, if you’re not great at keeping plants alive, why not make a plant out of paper?

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Plants

Jude from Judemakesthings on Instagram shows a way to create an everlasting plant – with paper!

Realistic paper plant

We saw lots of great ideas like these paper succulents by Alex from Alex_in_Wonderland_X on Instagram.

Paper succulents idea

Day 11: Dinosaurs

Ready for some roar-some makes? Dinosaurs are great for cardmaking, home décor, party décor and more! We created this beautiful wall art which you can make too!

You can find this in the Projects area on Cricut Design Space.  

Papercraft Dinosaur Make
Cricut Community makes for the theme: Dinosaurs

Lots of you got involved by creating the project available in Cricut Design Space which was great to see!

This colourful creation was by Samantha from Abels_labelsandcrafts on Instagram.

Papercraft Dinosaur Make

Day 12: Favourite Animal

The Cricut Machines are a great way to personalise any project with your favourite animal (or animals!). Sophia from MyNotSoSecretTeachingLife on Instagram created a beautiful giraffe pillow with Infusible Inks!

Giraffe Pillow Idea

Images used are from the Realistic Animal Silhouettes Image Set in Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Favourite Animal

Pretty bunny socks are cute, fun and totally unique. Plus if a bunny is your favourite animal, these are guaranteed to make you smile!

Project by TheDancersDaughter on Instagram.

Day 13: Banner

From wall-hanging banners to bunting, we saw lots of creations from the Cricut community! We added a bit of sparkle to our wall banner with some Glitter Iron On!

Project includes image from Design Space #M268D7F81.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Banner?

Create your own bunting for all occasions! It could be for the home, for parties or create your own Cricut themed banner like Fiona from Katy_lou_designs on Instagram.

Cricut Bunting

Day 14: Make to Give

Handmade gifts are thoughtful and always appreciated! Personalisation can help to make beautiful and unique gifts that are greatly loved by the recipient!

Fiona from Katy_lou_designs on Instagram created a personalised washbag and keyring! You can see on her Instagram Post the step-by-step instructions.

Personalised keyring and washbag idea
Cricut Community makes for the theme: Make to Give

Handmade gifts can be for all occassions. Jess from CraftWithJess on Instagram made these personalised glasses for her friends who had to postpone their wedding.

Day 15: Pride

Love is love! We have created a beautiful colourful mug as a pride-themed make! The project is available in Cricut Design Space here.

Pride crafts ideas
Cricut Community make for the theme: Pride

Ally from AllyCrafting on Instagram created a bright and bold mug perfect for celebrating Pride.

Pride craft ideas


The prompt #MonthofMakes is for everyone! Throughout July, we will be sharing a quick and easy project on our Instagram Stories to get you inspired each day! Maybe you would like to join in too? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MonthofMakes

Check out the project themes below and don’t forget to tag us @Cricut_UK on Instagram and use the hashtag #monthofmakes with your projects!

Month Of Makes daily prompts


#Monthofmakes Roundup Part 1

We have seen lots of makers getting involved with #Monthofmakes! Every day throughout July, we are posting a new project on our Instagram Stories to help get you inspired with a variety of different making topics!

So far, we have seen the themes: Get Organised, Summer, Space, Wall Art and more. Search the hashtag #MonthofMakes on Instagram for project inspiration by our amazing Cricut Community.

Here is a roundup of the themes and projects we have seen so far:

Day 1: Space

We have seen some out of this world makes! We created a planet-themed wall art project that would be perfect on a kid’s bedroom wall!

Papercraft space themed wall art for kids bedroom decor

Project includes image from Design Space #M278F0096

What did the Cricut Community make for the theme: Space?

To give more ideas for this theme, we have taken a look at our wonderful community’s makes.

Starry Night Card

Dominique from Glittermaysiebug on Instagram created a beautiful starry card for the theme.

Starry night cardmaking idea for Cricut Machine
On Top Of The World Wall Art

We saw lots of amazing wall art projects like this one from Orangepetaldesigns on Instagram.

Papercraft space-themed wall art idea

Day 2: Summer

Whilst we may not always have the weather here in the UK, we just love that summer sun! So much so, that we decorated a glass cup with vinyl sunshine decals! We used Permanent Smart Vinyl for Cricut Joy and Cricut Joy machine.

Project includes image from Design Space #M8781BC7

What did the Cricut Community make for the theme: Summer?
Ice cream And Bunting!

What’s summer without ice cream? Ally from Allycrafting on Instagram created an ice cream and summer bunting perfect for a party! She even has created a video of how she made them which you can see here

Ice cream themed summer bunting idea for Cricut Machine

Day 3: Flowers

Florals and crafting go hand in hand! We loved the beautiful flower clips that Emma from EmmaJewellCrafts on Instagram made for us to share. Not only are these quick and easy to create, but are really pretty too!

Flower hair clip idea for Cricut Machine
What did the Cricut Community make for the theme: Flowers?
Flowers That Last Forever

Jude from Judemakesthings on Instagram created beautiful flowers that would brighten up any day!

Paper flowers inspiration
Flower Power!

Create your own daisy vinyl decals and decorate your mug like Rebecca from RebeccaMarieCreative on Instagram. She also created a video tutorial on Instagram Reels too!

Vinyl Daisy Mug Idea

Day 4: Beach

Get beach-ready with an iron-on decorated tote bag! Is it pretty and practical – the best combination!

Beach bag idea to make with your Cricut Machine

This is a project from Cricut Design Space that you can see here.

What did the Cricut Community make for the theme: Beach?

Hat Goals

Personalisation is always a good idea and we adore this beautiful Bride and Bridesmaid floppy hats by Fiona from Katy_lou_designs on Instagram.

Bride squad personalised hat inspiration
One Shell Of A Card

If you love all things about the beach then why not make some beach-themed cards like Dominique from Glittermaysiebug on Instagram.

Shell Card for Cricut Joy

Day 5: Get Organised

Makers love to label anything and everything. If we can, we will label it! We created labels for our soap bottles from a project in Cricut Design Space for the Get Organised theme.

Personalised vinyl label bottles to organise the home
What did the Cricut Community make for the theme: Get Organised?
Craft Room Organisation

Organise your crafty materials with labels like Jude from Judemakesthings on Instagram

Craft room organisation idea

Day 6: BBQ

Spatulas at the ready! It’s BBQ season and personalisation is a must! Let everyone know who wins at the BBQ game with a personalised apron!

 Personalised apron idea for Cricut Machine

Project using image from Design Space #M16713F01

What did the Cricut Community make for the theme: BBQ?
Aprons That Wow

Great minds (or makers!) think alike! CricutInspiration on Instagram also created a personalised apron, perfect for you or as a gift!

Cricut personalised apron idea
Flipping Good Card

We love a good card for all occasions and a BBQ card for Dad seems like a great idea! Created by Maysiebug on Instagram.

Cardmaking idea: Dad birthday card

Day 7: Wall art

Home décor is a great way to add something unique to your home. We used the new Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock and an image from Design Space to quickly whip up a bright and beautiful project ready for the wall!

Project using image from Design Space #M29594EFE

What did the Cricut Community make for the theme: Wall Art?
Fabulous Flamingos

Wall art doesn’t just have to be in frames. Vinyl wall decals are a great way to make your home unique! These fun flamingos are by Fiona from Katy_lou_designs on Instagram.

Flamingo vinyl wall decal idea
Let The Music Play!

Paul from DeisgnandBeyond on Instagram used their Cricut Maker, gold foil and layered vinyl to make this amazing framed art.

Vinyl wall art idea for Cricut Machine

Day 8: T-Shirt

Whether you use Iron-On material or Infusible Ink, personalised clothing is always a good idea. We used Smart Iron-On in glitter emerald green for this wonderful t-shirt design.

Iron-On T-Shirt idea for Cricut Machine

Project using image from Design Space #M2738FC74

What did the Cricut Community make for the theme: T-Shirt?
T-Shirts For All Occasions

Paula from TheCraftyLass on Instagram shared lots of t-shirt inspiration on her Instagram Stories. From football shirts to personalised pajamas, Paula certainly knows how to decorate a t-shirt for all occasions!

Clothing personalisation ideas for Cricut Machine
Bright And Bold

Paul from DeisgnandBeyond on Instagram shared a bright and fun jumper that we just had to share!

Jumper idea for Iron-On Ideas


#Monthofmakes is for everyone! Whether you are looking for inspiration and ideas of what you could make or you don’t have a lot of time and are looking for quick and easy projects, #Monthofmakes is for you!  

Check out the project themes below and don’t forget to tag us @Cricut_UK on Instagram and use the hashtag #monthofmakes with your projects!

#monthofmakes Cricut challenge in July

Show teacher appreciation with the gift of handmade

The end of the school year is just around the corner and we’ve loved seeing what Cricut members have been making for teachers. We’ve rounded up some quick ideas for meaningful gifts that don’t have to be expensive or elaborate.

Sophia Wilson is a primary school teacher from London. She wants to reassure parents that there is no expectation from teachers. “The last thing teachers want is families feeling the pressure to buy something. Spending time teaching your children, and seeing them develop is reward enough, it’s our job! However, if you really do want to bring in a small card or gift, there is nothing better than something that is handmade or personalised. We really appreciate the thought that goes into that.”

We couldn’t agree more! Sophia adds: “While I’d never refuse anything, as that would be rude, there are some ‘traditional’ gifts which could be swapped for something personalised, which would mean a lot more than something with a high price tag.”

Sophia isn’t the only one to feel this way. Carrie Ann, commented on a picture in the UK Cricut Creators Facebook group where a member had shared a picture of a gift she’d made from an upcycled food box. She said: “Honestly… As a teaching assistant, I can tell you that these are the gifts that are loved the most. All gifts are appreciated but the ones that have been really thought out and handmade mean that little bit more x.”

Swap expensive gifts for a personalised card

Most teachers would not want their pupils to feel as though they had to spend a lot of money on end-of-year gifts, particularly given the challenges many families have faced over the last 18 months. A personalised, handmade card is always appreciated as it has a lot more meaning.

Opt for a personalised tote bag over chocolates

Even though many teachers love chocolate, it’s not the healthiest of gifts, especially if you receive more than 25 boxes! Useful gifts that have been personalised – like a tote bag – are always appreciated.

Forget the toiletries, choose a longer-lasting gift

Again, although bath sets can be lovely, most teachers will already have a cupboard full that they just can’t use quickly enough. A small plant can bring joy everyday, and by personalising the pot with your Cricut, you can make the gift special for your child’s teacher. An inspiring quote like ‘Thank you for helping me grow’ or their favourite book/film quote is a nice extra touch.

With the Cricut Design Space app, you can even turn your child’s handwriting or drawings into vinyl. Taking a photo of it (top down) and upload it to the app. Why not ask your child to draw a picture of their teacher, or write a special message, this can then be cut and applied to any number of gifts. Here’s one our UK and Ireland marketing manager made with her son’s handwriting.

For more crafty ideas, Miss Wilson has a crafty Instagram account mynotsosecretteachinglife.

What you’ve been making

Here are some more examples of what the Cricut community has made for teachers this end of term.

Zainab Jussab Suleman of Box Flair, created these adorable pen pots with a vinyl design and shared them in the Cricut UK Facebook group.

Diane Mackinnon had a great idea for a Head Teacher gift. She shared it on this post in the Cricut UK Facebook group.

Jade Burton shared her teacher gift in The Cricut Club UK Facebook Group. This handy gift will be used time and time again and will remind Mr Price of the very thoughtful pupil he taught.

Betty Kenna Clearly, a member of the Cricut Ireland Facebook group shared this lovely notebook that she paired with a personalised mug. Another gift that will be cherished as it’s used throughout the year.

Sarah Callaghan chose some fabulous quotes for her teacher appreciation mugs. You can find similar phrases in the Cricut Design Space image library.

Alicia Curtis remembered that the crossing patrol needs to be appreciated too. She posted in the Cricut UK Facebook group with a lovely keyring and card.

We all love a rainbow; recently they seem to have much more significance and have been used as a symbol of hope during the pandemic. This project, made by Sabrina Ball is the perfect gift to mark the end of term after the difficult year schools have had.

Chloe Teakle sells her Cricut-made items in her shop Rose & Rae. We think this cute gift set will surely raise a smile, not just when they’re opened and unwrapped, but every day when they’re used!


FREE England and Football images in Design Space

We can’t help but get swept up in the euphoria of England reaching the final of the UEFA Euro Football tournament! To celebrate we’re making a selection of ‘England’ and ‘Football’ images FREE in Cricut Design Space.

Football's coming home

To find the images, click the image icon in whichever version of the app you are using, and search for the image references below:


  • #M44FB9
  • #M83CF2F5
  • #MBFB059B
  • #M41806
  • #M83CF209


  • #M458B6
  • #M26C58DFC
  • #M26C58DF3
  • #MF727582
  • #M26C59071
  • #M280BAE3D
  • #M1D75ABBE

We’d love to see your creations to support the team on Sunday. Tag us on Instagram @Cricut_UK and Facebook @Cricut UK, using the hashtag #CricutUK or #CraftedwithCricut.

Gigi (Pretty Little Makes on Facebook) shared the most amazing Tutu she created for last night’s semi-final in the Facebook Group UK Cricut Creators. She really did help bring it home!

Group admins Jen and Laura are also running a giveaway to celebrate. All you need to do is share a project that meets the prize draw criteria on this post.

Inspired by Gigi’s project Ayesha created a T-shirt for her daughter who was allowed to wear something football-related to school yesterday. We think she’d be ‘Best in Class’ in this creation!

We’ve also created a project for you so that you can support the team on Sunday! Click here to make this Football T-Shirt in Cricut Design Space.

What will you make with the free images to celebrate the England men’s football team reaching the final of the tournament?

Come on England! Bring it home!