9 Back to School Projects For Your Cricut Machine

It’s hard to believe how time flies! As we return for a new academic year, it’s time for a new uniform, books and stationery. What better way to get your child enthused by the new year than to create personalised items to take back with them on their first day of school.

We wanted to share some projects we have made plus some amazing creations from our Cricut community too to help get you inspired.

Labelling uniform like a pro

Batch create labels with your child’s name to put on their t-shirts, cardigans, jumpers, PE kit, and more. With Everyday Iron-onTM, you could iron your child’s name to the back of the shirt or on the clothing label. 

Eye catching notebooks

Sophia from Mynotsosecretteachinglife on Instagram created a personalised bag and notebook that would stand out in the classroom. Did you know you can use iron-on material (or HTV) with card? That’s how Sophia created a matching notebook and bag!

Pencil cases that wow

We created a unicorn and space-themed pencil case as unique ideas for the first day of school. With so many images available in Design Space, almost anything is possible when creating your pencil case design.

Want to keep it simple? No problem, instead of images, use your kid’s names for a fun alternative to a plain pencil case.

Personalised bags

We love these named backpacks by Aurora.creations.x on Instagram. If you need some backpack inspiration, take a look at our recent blog post here. It includes many back-to-school projects from Design Space, including backpacks!

If your kids prefer a tote bag to store their books, they may love a personalised design like this mer-mazing project by Natscraftylife on Instagram.

Personalised Classroom Ideas

Not only do parents have to prep for back to school but teachers do too! We have seen some amazing ideas in the community of unique ideas for the classroom.

Teacher desk décor

Allthatisteaching from Instagram shared her personalised desk that she decorated with vinyl. It’s such a great idea and makes the classroom unique to the teacher.

Pencil cases are always a must-have for a teacher, so why not make it personal to you! We love this teacher-themed pencil case by Cocoandblue2 on Instagram.

Reading Pillow

Another great idea is to personalise a reading pillow for the classroom! Lots of classrooms have a reading corner that would be perfect for this project. Scottishteacher on Instagram showed hers ready for the new school term to begin.

If you need more ideas, our latest blog all about the back-to-school projects available in Design Space would be perfect for you. Read more here.


We’ll drink to that

We’re not quite sure how National Prosecco Day passed us by (last Friday, 13th August), but we’re certainly not letting National Rum Day on August 23rd or Patrón Paloma Week starting on 30th August go by without a celebration. As we look ahead to the summer bank holiday weekend, we’re sure many people will be planning get-togethers with family and friends. Let us show you how you can take your party from standard to sensational with a little help from Cricut. 

With a Cricut machine, you can make all sorts of things to jazz up your prosecco glass or make your rum tumbler personal to you.

Drink clips

Take drink labels to a new level with these custom name clips. When you get the girls together for a prosecco, you know whose is whose. All you need is glitter cardstock and mini pegs. Click here for the project in Design Space.

Wine clips Cricut

Which wine is mine?

Did you know that Cricut machines can also draw and write? You can create these personalised drink tags in next to no time with some coloured cardstock and a few ball chains.

Customised glasses

With removable vinyl you can switch up the vibe as often as you want… but whatever the occasion, you’re going to want to savour every sip! This project, along with other glass designs, is a Ready-to-Make project in Design Space complete with instructions and helpful tips.

Tiki vibes

Perfect for Rum Day, these tropical Tiki-themed glasses are a doddle to make. Simply duplicate the project in the mat preview screen to make enough for your glasses. You could even make a tray to match too.

Eye-catching coasters

With Infusible InkTM, you can create professional coasters with pens or transfer sheets. Cricut coaster blanks are available in square cork-backed or ceramic round style. Whichever you choose you are sure to impress…and how about sending each guest home with their own coaster as a memento of the day? There are hundreds of designs in Design Space; simply type ‘coaster’ in the search bar.

Don’t forget to check out this DIY Summer Party Glasses tutorial and this round-up of 8 ideas for outdoor parties too.


Get back to school ready with Cricut projects!

It seems like the school term has only just ended yet planning for a new academic year starts now. From new uniforms to stationery, there is a lot to organise! We’ll show you how to be back to school ready with your Cricut.

New Design Space Projects

We have some amazing new projects available to make those preparations fun and easy! Whether you need labels or fun personalisation, we have got you covered.

Personalised Pencil Case

If we can put a label on everything, we will! Pencil cases are a perfect example of what could be labelled ahead of the new term. It could be your child’s name, their favourite song lyrics or a book quote for a unique design that stands out in the classroom!

See the personalised School Stuff and gaming pencil case project on Design Space here. These projects use Infusible InkTM for long-lasting results and a seamless finish.

Notebook Refresh

Notebooks are a great way to make learning fun and encourage some note taking in class! Brighten up the day with this sunshine notebook which is a new project in Design Space that you can see here.

Backpack Personalisation

There are lots of different ways you could refresh a backpack. From name personalisation to cute animal designs, we have many projects available that will make you smile!

If your little one loves animals, why not turn their backpack into one! Create some excitement on the first day with a shark backpack! Find this project on Design Space here.

If sharks aren’t your kid’s thing, maybe a unicorn will be! Find this adorable unicorn backpack project here.

Labelling a backpack is a great way to ensure if lost, your childs backpack will be returned. Check out this label design on Design Space here.

Personalised ‘First Day’ Projects

It’s a special moment when your kids enter a new year of school. Why not create a personalised ‘First Day’ board to get them excited for the new year and so you can take that first day of school photo in a much more unique and personalised way!

You can see this project on Design Space here and the corkboard version can be found on Design Space here.

Custom Back To School Clothing

It’s a big day for both kid and parent at the start of a new term. We have custom clothing projects for both parents and children to wear on the day.

As much as we love our kids around for the summer, it’s also great to have a bit of peace when they go back to school. This fun project is available on Design Space here.

Whatever year your child is going into, customisable projects are always a good idea! Check out the Class of 2034 project on Design Space here.

Want to see more school-themed projects? Head to the projects area of Design Space and search for School!


Summer of sport – image inspiration

What a summer of sport it’s been! From the rescheduled Euro Football tournament and the delayed Olympics to Wimbledon’s eagerly awaited return after being cancelled last year. We’ve been cheering our teams on with a selection of images from Design Space to adorn our chest, our gym bag, and, for those of us who lead a more sedentary life, our flags to wave in support from the sofa!

Image sets

Did you know you can find similarly themed images, or collections of images from the same designer, in the Image Sets section of the library in Design Space?

You can find these by opening a new project. In the mobile app, click the Image icon on the bottom toolbar and then select ‘Highlighted Categories’. A drop-down menu will appear and the final option in the list is ‘Image Sets’. In the desktop app, select the Image icon from the left-hand panel. The final option in the list of categories on the far left of the screen is where you will find ‘Image Sets’.

Here you will be able to browse the latest images to have been added to Design Space. Having a Cricut Access subscription means you will be able to use and cut the images immediately. If you do not have a subscription you can simply choose your favourite image and pay as you go. There is always a wide selection of free images available too. Click here to find out how to find free images in Cricut Design Space.

We’ve found the perfect images sets for your sporty projects. Use the keyword in our titles below in the Image Sets search bar to find the image set of your choice.


Image Set: I love to ride my bike.

It doesn’t matter if you are clocking up the miles around town or pounding the pedals on an exercise bike, show your love of cycling with these images! Its full of puns, quotes and useful images too.

I love to ride by bike Cricut Image set


Kit yourself out in a homemade T-shirt for your next run. Simply choose from one of these images and get making with Iron-on. And if you’re running in lycra or super stretchy fabrics don’t forget to use SportFlex Iron on. You can read more about Sport Flex here.

Image Set: Keep on Running

Keep on running Cricut image set


Image set: Gymnastics Silhouettes

Whether you brave the beam and are a fan of the floor, these Gymnastics silhouette images would look fab on your gym bag! How about kitting the whole gym club out in matching gear?

Gymnastic Silhouettes Cricut image set


Image set: Parkour and skateboard silhouettes

Skateboarding really is the sport du jour having been featured in the Summer Olympics for the first time at Tokyo this year. This resulted in Great Britain’s youngest ever medalist with 13-year-old Sky Brown riding to a Bronze podium finish. Perfect for anyone who loves to drop in on a halfpipe or grind a rail, these skateboarding silhouettes would look great as wall decals for teen bedrooms!

Skateboard Cricut Image Set


Image set: Let’s go surfing

Catch the next gnarly waves with these surfing images, perfect for your next trip to the beach. With permanent vinyl you could even add your own decals to personalise your board.

Surfing Cricut Image sets


Image set: Wrestling

Wrestling fans will love these images, with everything from fun wrestling sayings to wrestling shoes!

Wrestling Cricut Image Set


Image Set: Female tennis Player Silhouettes

Get out and play a game of tennis this summer!

Tennis Cricut Image Set

Other sports

There are far more images to choose from including Athletics, Fencing, Netball, Swimming, Paddleboarding, Cricket and Fishing to name a few.

Image set: Summer Athlete Detailed Silhouettes

Athletes Cricut Image Set

Image Set: Sports Party Décor

Sport Party Decor Cricut Image Set

Image Set: Team Sports

Team Sport Cricut Image Set

Image Set: Summer Sports

Summer Sport Cricut Image Set

Design Space Projects

Here are some projects in Design Space to inspire you to get making for your summer of sport.

World Sport Medal Counter Board

Keep up with the Olympics and create a leader board to celebrate and track the medals!

Cricut Medals Table Design Space Project
Running T-Shirt

Get run-ready with this shirt that is sure to motivate you on your next 5k!

Running T Shirt Cricut Project

Now that skateboarding is an Olympic sport it’s definitely time to pull your board out of the shed and give it a makeover before heading to your local skate park!

Skateboard Cricut project
Medal Joy Card

Celebrate all of the winners in your life with this Cricut Joy card. It’s perfect for celebrating all of your sporting achievements this summer!

Cricut Joy medal card

And if you avoid exertion at any cost, maybe this project would be more up your street! Find this Crafting is My Cardio bag project in Design Space here.

Crafting is my cardio bag

#MonthofMakes Roundup Part 4

It’s time to look back on our #MonthofMakes! Every day in July, we have shown a different making idea on Instagram Stories that is quick and easy to help give inspiration!

We know how easy it is to get caught up in a creative funk and all of a sudden, a month has passed, and you haven’t made anything.  

Each day has come with a prompt giving you the perfect balance of inspiration and flexibility to join in and make something for yourself.

Makers in the Cricut Community have also shared their projects by using #MonthofMakes. You can see the communities amazing makes by searching #MonthofMakes on Instagram.

Previous #MonthofMakes

Want to see a roundup of all the daily prompts? Check out the links below for each weekly roundup:

#MonthofMakes Roundup Part 1

#MonthofMakes Roundup Part 2

#MonthofMakes Roundup Part 3

Let’s check out what the last week has given us:

Day 23: Abstract

Do you love the latest abstract trend? We do too and it happens to look great as décor on our makes.

We created a line drawing using an image from Design Space, search #M29A057CC.

Day 24: Favourite Quote

There is nothing like seeing your favourite quote to make you smile. Whether it’s on the wall, on a notebook, or on a tote bag, it’s totally unique to you.

This beautiful personalised mirror is by TheDancersDaughter on Instagram using their favourite quote from a popular musical!

Day 25: Retro

Retro is in!

There are lots of retro-inspired images in Cricut Design Space like the one we have used on this tray. It would be perfect for a staycation and campervan fun!

Project includes image from Design Space #M26203B4C.

Day 26: Romance

Making for a wedding, anniversary or just to make your loved one smile is always a great idea. Additionally, handmade cards and gifts show just how much you care.

This card was made using the Cricut Joy™ and Card Inserts with a project available on Cricut Design Space here.

Day 27: Animal

There are many ways you could use animal images for projects. You could create wall decals, party décor, cards, or a nursery wall hanging like this adorable lion project!

Project includes image from Design Space #M23EA3A8F.

Day 28: Back to School

Get back to school ready with personalised everything! Easily create personalised clothing tags, lunch boxes, PE bags and more.

With a Cricut Machine, anything is possible!

We decorated a pencil case with a mer-mazing project available in Cricut Design Space. We used a holographic iron-on for the extra wow factor!

Check out this project in Design Space here.

Day 29: Birthday

We love to make for birthdays! From cards to party décor, to handmade gifts, there are always many ways you can put a unique and personal spin on a birthday celebration.

Card by Maysiebug on Instagram.

Day 30: Kitchen Labels

Makers love to label and we can agree, labelling is so much fun! It is so satisfying to stay organised with labels.

We organised our spice jars with personalised labels using Cricut Joy™ and Smart Vinyl™.

We have used the font ‘Happy’ from Design Space for these labels.

Day 31: Stationery

Personalised stationery is always a good idea! From pencil cases to planners, there is so much you can create!

We created a colourful daily planner layout including rainbows and stars with the Smart Paper™ Sticker Cardstock. It was quick and easy to use plus with an adhesive backing it meant no need to apply glue!

Project includes image from Design Space #M22992E4, #M2298FCD, #M22991AA.

Cricut Community makes for this weeks #monthofmakes

Sophie_doodle_crafts on Instagram shared her herb labels for the theme, Kitchen Labels.

Judemakesthings on Instagram, revealed her favourite animal: bee! Created for the theme, animal.

Abby from Alex_in_wonderland__x on Instagram, created a bright and beautiful birthday card for the theme, birthday!


We hope you have enjoyed daily inspiration through 31 themes to help get you making! You can still get involved and make for the themes.

You might be inspired by one particular project prompt, or maybe you could dedicate the same half-hour every week to your creating with a theme in mind.

Don’t forget to share your makes with us using #MonthofMakes.