Ask the expert – Make to sell with Cricut

Christmas and the festive season can be the best opportunity to sell your Cricut makes. Google trends charts show that shoppers are looking for unique personalised Christmas gifts from November onwards, and many also want to support small businesses with their purchases. Whether you’re thinking of attending a few independent craft fairs, setting up an Etsy shop, or are an established business looking to make the most of the Christmas sales period, we asked an expert to share her top tips that could help over the next few months.

Emma Simmonds from Nurture & Cheer uses a Cricut machine in her business. Earlier this year she took part in a Hobbycraft Webinar explaining how Cricut can be a useful business tool. Recently we caught up with her to pick her brains for her top business tips to share with you.

Emma Simmonds of Nurture & Cheer

How do I start selling my goods?

There are so many ways you can start selling products. In the pre-Covid days small, in-person markets were a great way to start getting your items out into the real world. Now, it’s all about making the most of your existing networks! Speak to your friends and family, share your makes and get their feedback on your ideas. Whenever I launch anything for Mums, I often message all of my Mum friends and get their views on my ideas to make sure they will be well received.

Where should I start selling my products? Do I have to have my own website?

Having your own website comes with lots of benefits, like choosing exactly how you want your site to look or being able to have a blog. However, it also requires a lot of work upfront. Selling via third-party marketplaces, like Etsy or Ebay is a great option when you are just starting out. Sites like these have everything already set up for you (including things terms and conditions), meaning you just need to upload the details of your products. They already have an established customer base, and so are a great way for customers to find you. You’ll generally need to pay either a monthly subscription and/or fees on each sale (this depends on which marketplace you choose), but they are a great way to just get going.

Nurture & Cheer tote

How do I come up with a business name?

I picked my first business name (Em Makes and Bakes) in approximately 5 minutes. It was very much a description of exactly what my blog was going to be! However, as time went on I found it too descriptive and found that eventually, it was simply no longer relevant. My current business name is a lot more open-ended, but took me a long time to come up with it. I spent many hours writing out words that summed up my business, checking potential names online to see if they already existed, and then finally settled on Nurture and Cheer. If you’re struggling to come up with a name, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using your own name!

How do I price my goods?

Pricing can be really complicated, but at a very basic level, you need to work out your costs and then make sure the price you are charging is more than that. As well as your materials, you’ll need to factor in postage and packaging (even the little things like stickers and postcards), any other costs (electricity, insurance), and most importantly, your time. It’s always worth seeing what other businesses are charging for similar items, but don’t feel you need to match them on prices, you need to make a profit if you want to business to be sustainable.

How do I know what to sell?

If your business is successful, you could end up making something over and over again, therefore I believe it’s really important to sell things that you truly love designing and making. Also, take into consideration the logistics of selling certain items, for example, do you have room to store lots of stock? and any specific regulations that apply such as selling items for children or food and drink. Consider starting with just one item. I began selling prints, and then expanded to pouches, greetings cards, mugs, and patches over the next two years.

How do I find suppliers?

Research, research, research! What makes a great supplier for one business, will not necessarily be the same for you. Finding good suppliers is definitely one area of your business where you should take your time. See if you can get samples, ask about minimum quantities and order values, and always check if the prices include VAT!

Which Cricut machine should I buy if I want to start a business?

There is a brilliant guide here, which explains more about the machine families. My advice is to consider your budget, how much space you have, and how you might be able to use your machine outside of your business. If your space is limited, the Joy might be the model for you, however, if you are an avid crafter with a dedicated craft room or want to scale up your production, the Maker or Explore machines may be better investments longer-term.

Can I sell goods using images from Design Space?

Yes! This blog article scopes out what to consider when selling items made using content from the Design Space library.

How do you use your Cricut machines in your business?

Your Cricut machine can be used for so many things, not just for making the actual products to sell. I use my Maker to cut seasonal stickers, swing tags for my pouches, and even for making vinyls for promotional materials such as banners and tablecloths for markets.

Nurture & Cheer small business Cricut

How do I generate traffic to my business?

When you are starting out, social media is definitely your friend! Set up accounts as soon as you can, and get posting straight away. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have finalised products yet, share behind the scenes, snippets of your process, and then products when you have them. Word of mouth is great when you are starting out, ask your friends and family to share your social media pages. When your business is more established, you can also look at running paid adverts on Facebook, Instagram etc.

How do you come up with your designs?

This process is unique to everyone, and there is no easy answer. Sometimes I have ideas that come to me really quickly, others take some time to come to fruition. For me, the important thing is to keep refining my ideas until I’m really happy with them.

Nurture & Cheer pouch

How do you balance running a small business alongside another job or juggling home, kids, home-schooling, family commitments?

The most important thing is to be realistic with your time. You won’t be able to achieve as much as someone who is running their business full-time, but that’s ok! Over the years, I’ve learnt to find efficiencies in the way I work, such as making and packing orders on certain days of the week, rather than as soon as they come in. I try and carve out time periods each week which are just for my business, and have a to-do list so that I know exactly what I need to work on. I also ensure that I have down-time in my week, so that I’m not always on the go.

Thank you Emma for sharing your tips. The Make to Sell area of our blog has more helpful articles for using Cricut for your business.


Making for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we know a huge number of people in the Cricut community craft to raise awareness of important causes. We are always humbled to see these projects and how people use their Cricut machines for these projects whether it’s the pink ribbon to show support or breast cancer-themed makes.

It is so important to reflect on education about breast cancer, remember those we have lost, and champion the warriors out there who are on their cancer journey. 

Join us in celebrating the amazing community of makers who, throughout this month more than ever, are using their machines and their skills to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer support charities.

Our thoughts are with all those whose lives are affected by cancer.

Cancer Ribbon Mug Makes

Vicky of Creativecraftgarden on Instagram created a Breast Cancer-themed mug with their new Cricut Mug Press that included a butterfly ribbon image design. She is also taking on a personal challenge to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK. Well done Vicky!

Search #MFA9134A for this image design on Design Space.

Wear It With Pink Bake Sale

Roisin from Sweet Eve Signs on Instagram is creating cake toppers with her Cricut machine and joining forces with her family members, Royalledelights and Harpereventsldn on Instagram, for a ‘Wear It with Pink’ bake sale to raise money for the charity, Breast Cancer Now.

Roisin and family said: “Breast cancer sadly touches so many families lives and ours is no expectation. We are a very creative family and wanted to use our small business of paper crafts, desserts and event planning to raise awareness and fundraise for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Cricut helped bring our fundraiser to life! With a bake sale what else goes perfectly then cake toppers & a banner was thrown in to compliment the decadent deserts and beautiful set up. We made sure to wear it pink and keep it pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.”

Roisin and family should be so proud of helping to raise awareness and money for charity. The decorations made were so beautiful and we bet the cakes were scrumptious too!

T-Shirt Making For Charity

Alison and Rowan, Ali’s Creations on Facebook, raised nearly £200 by selling Breast Cancer themed t-shirts and donating this to Breast Cancer charities such as Coppa Feel.

“We originally started making the TittyTees in a small fundraising attempt when we got some fun new kit in the form of a Cricut Explore and EasyPress and selling them to friends and family.

We have raised almost £200 now and will be keeping the pot building for the time being before donating to a selection of breast cancer charities, one being CoppaFeel! and hopefully a local breast cancer charity to help individuals and families in this area.”

You can read the full article with Alison and Rowan on the Daily Record website here.

Well done to Alison and Rowan for their amazing achievement in raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer.

The image is taken from Ali’s Creations Facebook Group.

Breast Cancer Awareness Images

We have hundreds of images available in Cricut Design Space that can help you to create beautiful projects that can help to raise awareness. Search ‘Breast Cancer’ in the images section of Design Space to find designs such as:

#MF773183 – October We Wear Pink

#M85537C8 – Cancer Survivor

#M2B00CC4E – Be Brave You Got This!

#MF772E5D – I am Brave & Strong

#MF9E03DE – Never never never give up

#MFA3F114 – Breast Cancer Solid Ribbon

Breast Cancer Information

If you would like to learn more about Breast Cancer or find out how you can raise awareness see more on Charity websites such as Coppa Feel and Cancer Research UK.

We love to hear the voices of our Cricut community and love to see all the makes you create. Make sure to tag Cricut_UK on social media, we may share your project on a story or even feature you on our blog or social feed!


Cricut Christmas At John Lewis

Come and join us at the Christmas Emporium with John Lewis!

We are excited to be a part of John Lewis’ in-store Christmas Emporium starting this week. A number of brands, including Cricut, will be on hand to connect with customers and gives you a chance to get up close with our range of materials and products.

The John Lewis Christmas Emporium promises to be a one-stop Christmas shoping experience.

The Cricut Crew will on hand to personalise a wide selection of items for customers such as baubles, t-shirts, coasters and mugs. Customers will purchase their blank of choice, choose their personalisation options, and then one of our Cricut experts will personalise their item to their liking.

We will also be showing the wonderful machines and how they work, so if you are wanting to see first-hand a Cricut machine and ask your burning questions with a Cricut expert, this is the perfect opportunity!

Which John Lewis Stores have the Christmas Emporium?

You will be able to find Cricut at the Christmas Emporium in the following stores:

John Lewis Oxford Street

John Lewis Cribbs Causeway

John Lewis Peter Jones

John Lewis Bluewater

John Lewis Southampton

John Lewis Trafford

John Lewis Kingston

John Lewis Cheadle

John Lewis Newcastle

John Lewis Milton Keynes

For store details, see here.

How long will the Christmas Emporium be running?

The Emporium will be running in-store from Wednesday 20th October – Friday 24th December.

Days and times vary for each store when the Cricut stand will be open. To find out more about the Christmas Emporium at John Lewis, see more on their website here.

John Lewis & Partners head of Christmas Lisa Cherry commented: “This year we have created the Christmas Emporium bringing everything into one-stop-shop. These are designed so that customers can blitz their seasonal to-do list and pick up everything they need in one fell swoop, but also be a day out for the whole family to kick off their festive fun with tastings, games for the children and inspirational workshops.”


Cricut Christmas Bundle Ideas and offers

If you want to get ahead with your Christmas planning we’re here to help. Here’s our round-up of current Cricut offers and ideas for Cricut gifts this Christmas.

Over the past eighteen months, online shopping has been a great solution for purchasing through the pandemic. It is a huge convenience when all your desired goodies arrive right at your door. There’s no need to even go out in search of them!

Online shopping through the festive season will continue to be popular for Christmas gift buying. With the uncertainty around the number of drivers in the UK to support the online demand, we’re sure that many people have already started Christmas shopping.

If you are thinking of getting a Cricut machine, (or maybe you are majorly hinting to your partner and family about getting you one) we have come up with some bundle ideas that are perfect to get you started, saving Father Christmas some last-minute panics and you some pennies!

For the Home Organiser

If you are an organiser and are having dreams of labelling jars and sorting out your kitchen and pantry with personalised labels, then read on! Or perhaps it’s your home office or kids rooms that are in need of labelled drawers. Either way, this is the bundle for you. From labelling lunch boxes and school uniforms to personalising water bottles, glassware and jars, there is so much you can personalise with the Cricut Joy.

The Cricut Joy is easy to use and is lightweight, portable and can easily sit on a shelf if you don’t have a lot of room.  

Items We Recommend:

Cricut Joy™ – £179.99

Cricut Joy™ Starter Tool Set – £14.99

Cricut Joy™ Smart Vinyl™ – Permanent – £6.99

Cricut Joy™ Smart Vinyl™ – Removable – £6.99

Cricut Joy™ Smart Label™ Writable Vinyl – £7.99

Cricut Joy™ Smart Label™ Writable Paper – £7.99

Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™ – some colours currently on offer from £4.79 instead of £7.99*

Cricut Joy™ Transfer Tape – £5.99

Cricut Joy™ Permanent Fine Point Pens 0.4 mm, Ultimate (30 ct)– currently on offer for £23.99 instead of £39.99*

For the Fashionista

If you’re all about personalising clothing or having accessories such as a tote bag that is unique to you, this bundle is the perfect solution. Iron-on and vinyl are great materials to use for all your personalisation projects and with the Cricut Explore machines, you are able to cut a range of materials on a larger scale.

Pre-made Bundle Options

Cricut Explore™ 3 + Essentials Materials Bundle – bundle price £339.99 (save 26%)*

Cricut Explore™ 3 + Everything Materials Bundle bundle price £379.99 (saving 29%)*

Items we recommend to go with your Cricut Explore 3

Smart Iron-On™ (0.9 m) – some colours currently on offer from £7.79 instead of £12.99*

Smart Iron-On™ Glitter (0.9 m)some colours currently on offer from £10.79 instead of £17.99*

Smart Vinyl™ – Removable (0.9 m) – £6.99

Smart Vinyl™ – Permanent (0.9 m) – £6.99

Smart Vinyl™ Shimmer – Permanent (0.9 m) – £9.99

Cricut EasyPress Mini™, Raspberry – currently on offer for £39.99 instead of £54.99* 

Essential Tool Set – £45.99

For the Creative Crafter

The one who wants to try a bit of everything! From papercrafts to personalising with vinyl to trying specialist materials like cutting felt or using basswood, these bundles are for the ultimate creative. The Cricut Maker ™ and Cricut Maker™ 3 Machines are the ultimate crafting companion as they can cut the largest range of materials and are compatible with a number of unique tools such as the foiling tip, engraving tip, perforation tool and more!

The Cricut Maker 3 has the additional feature of being able to cut Smart Materials without the need for a cutting mat. This allows for large scale projects such as wall decals as you can cut a single image or repeated cuts up to 11.7 in (29.7 cm) wide and 12 feet (3.6 m) long!

Pre-made Bundle Options

Cricut Maker ™ + Essentials Bundle, Champagne – £409.99

Cricut Maker ™ + Everything Materials Bundle, Champagne – £459.99

Cricut Maker ™ + Essentials Bundle, Rose – £409.99

Cricut Maker + Everything Materials Bundle, Rose £459.99 (saving 32%)*

Cricut Maker™ 3 + Essentials Materials Bundle – £459.99

Cricut Maker™ 3 + Everything Materials Bundle – £499.99

Items We Recommend:

Cricut Maker™ 3 – £399.99

Smart Iron-On™ (0.9 m) some colours currently on offer from £7.79 instead of £12.99*

Smart Vinyl™ – Removable (0.9 m) – £6.99

Smart Vinyl™ – Permanent (0.9 m) – £6.99

Smart Paper™ Sticker Cardstock, Pastels – £12.99

Cricut Poster Board, Metallics – £7.99

Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheets – various savings depending on size and colour with offers currently available*

Infusible Ink Pillow Cover Blank, White – £9.99

Cricut EasyPress™ 2, Raspberry – 22.5 cm x 22.5 cm (9″ x 9″) – £169.99

Machine Mat Variety Pack, 12″ x 12″ (3 ct.) – £20.99

Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set (30 ct.) – £32.99

Essential Tool Set – £45.99

If you need some help in deciding which machine is the best choice for you, head to our blog all about each machine here.

Additionally, if you want to know exactly what materials can be cut with each machine you can find the material compatibility guide for the Cricut Joy machine here. And for the Cricut Explore & Cricut Maker machines here.

Cricut products can be purchased on our online shop here or find your favourite Cricut retailers here to shop with them online or in-store.

There is a Cricut machine for everyone, and we hope you find lots of creative goodies under your tree this year.

*Any offers or savings quoted are for a limited time only, are subject to change and are available only whilst stocks last.


Lisa Coffey – making as a Cricut lover and foster carer!

We love to listen to the voices of the Cricut community and share the stories of makers. We sat down with Lisa Coffey, @coffeytime1 on Instagram, who is a Cricut lover, often making with her Cricut machines and is also in the process of becoming a foster carer.

Lisa tells us a little bit about the machines she has, what she has made and how Cricut has helped prepare her for being a foster parent.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself Lisa!

My name is Lisa Coffey, I’m married, and we have a 4-year-old daughter Zoey. I live in Co Kildare, Ireland. I love to cook and craft. My favourite thing to do for some me-time is to chill out in my craft room and be creative. I find this is an excellent way to unwind at the end of the day and it is also productive. 

Which machine(s) do you have and what do you love to make the most with your machine?

I have a Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore 3, EasyPress 2 & the EasyPress Mini . All are excellent on their own but together, they are a brilliant combination that allows me to create almost anything I wish to.

I love the Joy & Explore 3 so much and I think they are a good compliment to each other. I love making cards on the Joy as it is so quick and easy, and I love using the Explore 3 for cutting vinyl and making labels.

What is your favourite project you have ever made with your Cricut machine?

I have already created all my Christmas cards for this Christmas and they are beautiful but they were so quick and easy to make using the Joy.

I love being organised and have labeled almost everything! It’s so handy especially in the playroom as it’s easy to find certain toys and it makes tidy up even quicker.

My favourite project so far has been the feature wall in our foster nursery. I chose a night sky theme and the words, “When you’re here you’re home”. My goal was to make the nursery neutral yet an inviting interesting place for young babies. 

You are in the process of becoming a foster carer which is amazing! What’s it like on a day-to-day basis?

We are in the final stages of being approved to become a foster family. Currently, our day-to-day is a lot of meetings, assessments and training, I have used my machines to label and organise all our training material as well as all our application and assessment paperwork.

I used my Cricut Explore 3 to make a special milestone blanket for our future foster babies.

I found that the only blankets available to purchase were standard age milestones so I created a special blanket with, “Time with the Coffeys” as an option along with, “Today I am”. This is something unique and special that will help us capture not only any foster baby’s milestones but their milestones as a member of our family too.

Cricut in the community

Cricut can help with all kinds of projects and ideas. Lisa’s beautiful baby milestone blanket is a great example of how personalisation can create something thoughtful and special whether it’s for you, your family, or your friends.

We love to hear the voices of our Cricut community and love to see all the makes you create. Make sure to tag Cricut_UK on social media, we may share your project on a story or even feature you on our blog or social feed!


Emma Jewell Crafts Wedding Roundup

Our very own queen of craft, Emma Jewell Crafts recently got married! Naturally, Emma created lots of decorations for her wedding. From personalised jackets to celestial-themed invites!

Emma shares with us her handmade wedding pieces that she created for her big day. Read below to find out more!

Emma Jewell Crafts

I recently got married in a small registry office wedding in Stratford Upon Avon followed by pizza at our favourite pizza place.

Although it was a small wedding, (we’re following it up with a big wedding party in a couple of years’ time) I wanted to go big on the crafted personalised elements and make as much as I could with my Cricut machine.

We went for a subtle ‘stars and moon’ theme, as we love everything space and it meant I could go wild with everything glittery and holographic.

Handmade Wedding

Here are all the projects I created:


As I only had 16 invites to make, I knew I could go extra fancy and do something that was a bit special.

I had an idea in my head to have something that rotated, so started making tests out of scrap paper, then recreated the project in Cricut Design Space using shapes and elements from the Design Space Library.

I used Glitter gel pens for all the detail and wording, the debossing tool to add the detail to the moons and stars as well as 5 layers of card and acetate.

Click the link here to my project in Cricut Design Space if you want to make them yourself!

PJs and Mugs

My best friends, Kelly and Holly, stayed over the night before the wedding for a little sleepover. So obviously, I had to make some personalised bits for us to make it extra special.

I created matching pyjamas by buying matching PJ shorts then customising plain T-shirts with ‘Bride’, ‘Maid of Honour’ and ‘Bridesmaid’ on the back. On the front, the T-shirts said, ‘After this we’re getting pizza’ as we were heading to a pizza restaurant after the wedding ceremony!

See the project on Design Space here.

I also added vinyl to some plains mugs for us to have our morning teas and coffees in whilst we get ready (before we opened the prosecco!).


I knew from the moment that we were getting married that I wanted to customise denim jackets for us (any excuse to use iron-on!).

I bought cheap plain denim jackets and added iron-on to the backs. My husband Mike and I had “till death do us part” on ours, and my bridesmaids had “bridesmaid” on the back.

I used an image from design space for the starry background, which I cut out of white glitter iron-on. Then, I used lilac iron-on for the writing using the Agincourt font in Design Space.

I cut all the jackets in one go using Smart Iron-on™ with my Cricut Maker™ 3, it saved so much time being able to use Smart Materials and let it cut out all 6 jacket images in one go.

Check out my jacket project on Design Space here.


I made patches from felt and iron-on for our jackets to add some extra personalisation.

I looked at buying embroidered patches then thought, I can make this kind of thing myself with felt and iron-on!

Mike and I had Bride and Groom patches for our jackets, then I created patches to go on the sleeves of everyone’s jackets with the moon and star images to match our invites and the date of our wedding.

I cut the felt on my Cricut Maker™ 3. Again, it was super time saving to be able to use Smart Iron-On ™ and let it cut out all in one go.

I then ironed on the iron-on designs with my Easy Press Mini™ and added Heat and Bond to the back of the patch to secure it to the denim jacket.


I knew I wanted my bouquet to be made on my machine, as it was super important to me to be walking down the aisle with something I had made. So I went all out!

I started by pulling cardstock out of my stash that went with the colour scheme of pinks, purples and holographic. Then set to work cutting a mix of flowers on my machine.

In the end, I made about three times the number of flowers I thought I needed.

I secured each flower to a piece of wire, then purchased a bouquet base which I then pushed the flowers into.

I wanted it to look wild and big, so we added paper fans and some big holographic leaves cut from party foil. For a finishing touch, I also added some tissue paper tassels to fill give the bottom more volume.

Scattered amongst the flowers were sprays of diamantes, holographic moons, which I cut and debossed on my Cricut Maker machine, stars and mini-disco balls to make it as sparkly as possible.

The great thing about it is that I get to keep it forever!

Bridesmaid bouquet

For my bridesmaids, I made smaller bouquets with the same flowers and disco balls as my bouquet. I finished them off with a trail of ribbons.

For my mini bridesmaid, I made disco ball wands, as paper flowers might have been a little delicate for my tornado-like nieces!

Button holes

The groomsmen didn’t escape the sparkle either! I made buttonholes for all of Mike’s groomsmen, the dads and brothers, with a disco ball, two paper flowers and a holographic leaf. I added a badge back to these so they could easily be pinned onto jackets on the day.


I added permanent vinyl to the bottom of my shoes with the date and our initials as well as the moon image that I had used across the wedding.

Favour bags

We gave little thank you gifts to our wedding party – a crystal we had chosen for each person. I customised little canvas bags for these with iron-on and made some matching tags that were drawn and cut on the machine.

Congratulations Emma and Mike

We have loved sharing with you Emma’s handmade wedding decorations! With a Cricut machine, it is so easy to create beautiful handmade projects, personalised for you. Emma really did put her machine to good use for her big day.

Emma, we wish you and Mike all the best as you start your married lives together, and we’re sure we’re not alone in thinking you looked absolutely amazing!


Halloween Projects on Cricut Design Space

It’s time to haunt up the home and let in the ghouls as Halloween approaches! We have some spooktacular projects ready to make in Design Space right now, perfect for beginners and experts alike! So grab all the magical ingredients you need to begin these frighteningly good Cricut Halloween projects:

Home Haunted Home

A house isn’t a home without some creepily cool décor during Halloween. Bunting is simple to make and creates an eye-catching decoration.

Beware Halloween Banner Project available on Design Space here.

Purr-fect Pumpkins

Vinyl and cardstock make great additions to your pumpkin decorating. A paw-some cat like this one is fun to make and looks cute too!

Pumpkin Head Cat Project is available on Design Space here.

Spell-binding T-Shirt Decor

All the witches will be the envy of your Halloween-themed t-shirt. We have used the magical material, Infusible Ink™, to create this.

Spooky Broom Co. T-Shirt Project is available on Design Space here.

Funny Bones For All Your Ghoul Friends

Give your friends and family a card they won’t forget this Halloween.

Happy Halloween Skeleton Card Project is available on Design Space here.

Dimensional Wall Art That Serves A Treat

Trick or treat yo’ self with an eye-catching dimensional wall art project! This haunted forest-themed project includes little trick or treaters for a sweet and spooky look.

Spooky Forest Dimensional Art Project is available on Design Space here.

Boo-tiful Pillows

Personalised Halloween pillows are exactly what your sofa needs this spooky season. Cute ghost designs are at the top of our list for hauntingly superb decorations.

Orange Plaid Halloween Pillow Project is available on Design Space here.

Get The Halloween Look

These Cricut Halloween projects are available in the Cricut Design Space desktop and mobile apps and are simple to create with your Cricut machine!

Need some more pumpkin inspiration? We have created a tutorial and gathered some gourd-geous decorated pumpkins to help! See the blog here.

We love seeing what our community creates! Don’t forget to tag @cricut_UK on social media. We may even feature you on our stories or share your project on the blog!


Simple Vinyl Pumpkin Halloween Decor

It’s officially pumpkin season and decorating your pumpkins is a trend here to stay.

Whether your pumpkins are for around the home, for your front doorstep, or your window, decorating your pumpkins is fun, easy, and looks amazing!

There are loads of ways Cricut can help you get in the Hallowe’en spirit for pumpkin season. We have created an easy four-step vinyl pumpkin decoration tutorial to help get you started and avoid the mess of carving and hollowing! Head to the tutorial here. Vinyl decorated pumpkins also last longer than carved ones so you can get started straight away and it’ll still be looking scarily good come October 31st.

Using vinyl to decorate your pumpkins is simple. It easily creates the wow factor your pumpkins deserve. Alternatively, you could create a stencil to help carve your pumpkins if you want to go down the traditional route.

We have rounded up some eye-catching pumpkin inspiration to help with your pumpkin decorating:

A Show-Stopping Entrance

Melanie from MelanieLissackInteriors on Instagram created beautiful vinyl decorated pumpkins for her front doorstep in a range of colours! Check out her blog on how she did this here.

Skull and Phrases Pumpkin Vinyl Stickers

Jenny from JensHomeJournal on Instagram shows how to paint and use vinyl stickers for a frightfully good pumpkin transformation.

Hocus Pocus Vibes

Inside_the_grey_house on Instagram created a spell-bounding pumpkin with a vinyl sticker! Such a simple yet effective idea!

Bright and Bold Pumkin Decor

NerrissaPratt who you will find on Instagram created stunning pumpkins for the Hobbycraft Ideas page. You can see the tutorial on how to make them here.

For The Witches and Ghouls

Looking for some pastel Halloween styles for the home? Rebecca from RebeccaMarieCreative on Instagram has some spook-tacular ideas!

For The Witches and Ghouls

If spooky and ghostly isn’t your, thing, check out Cricut UK and Ireland Marketing Manager, Kathy’s design that can last all season.

Autumnal home decor pumpkins with Cricut vinyl

Vinyl Pumpkin Tutorial

Adding a little spice to your Halloween decorations couldn’t be easier when you have a Cricut machine to hand. This simple DIY pumpkin project takes minutes to make and is great for beginners.

All you need is a piece of vinyl and a plain pumpkin!

You will need:

Cricut Machine (You can use Cricut Joy™, Cricut Explore™ models or Cricut Maker™ models to create this project)

A roll of Vinyl


Step One:

Type a simple Halloween saying into a new Cricut Design Space project and choose a simple font.

We chose ‘Hey Boo!’ So that we can pop our pumpkins by our front door to greet trick or treaters!

Resize your text to fit onto your pumpkin. You can add a simple image too. We chose a cute skull design from the Cricut Design Space Image library.

Step Two:

Cut your design on your machine, If you are using Smart Vinyl, simply load it face up into the machine and choose the Smart Vinyl setting.

If you are using a Maker or Explore machine, stick your vinyl face-up onto the mat, then load the mat into the machine. Choose the vinyl setting for the vinyl you are using then start cutting.

Step three:

Once the vinyl is cut, carefully cut around the design so that you can use the excess vinyl another time.

Then peel away the vinyl leaving your design behind on the backing sheet.

Step Four:

Grab your pumpkins then peel off each letter at a time and stick it into place.

Now you have your own pumpkins with vinyl sticker phrases and images! Pumpkin decorating doesn’t have to be complicated, and with vinyl, you can create beautiful pumpkins in minutes.

Make sure to tag us into your projects on social media by tagging Cricut_UK. You could be featured on our feeds or on the blog!

Happy pumpkin-making!


New background features rolled out in Design Space

Introducing Restore Brush and Automatic Background Remover  

When it comes to your Cricut experience, Design Space is key. Your suggestions inspired recent feature updates like Kerned Fonts and Offset — and your passion keeps us constantly innovating. We’re always listening to your feedback and we’re excited to reveal a couple of features that will roll out over the next week or two, after you’ve received Design Space update version 6.14.

What’s new in Design Space?

Removing the background from an image can be a daunting, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating task. (We’ve all been there!) So soon, you’ll notice two new features to help you get the image you need without breaking your design stride. 

Restore Brush: Restore Brush makes it effortless to selectively restore any part of an image that you may have accidentally removed with the Eraser tool. No more starting from scratch — from now on, correcting mistakes will be much simpler. The all-new Restore Brush will be free for all Cricut members. 

Automatic Background Remover. If you have a Cricut Access™ subscription, you can take advantage of the Automatic Background Remover tool. This feature makes the background of your uploaded image disappear in one click. No more painstaking manual work using the Wand and Eraser tools. You’ll have a perfect cut-ready or Print Then Cut-ready image, at the touch of a button.  

We hope you enjoy these new features, coming very soon (and that’s if you don’t already have them — the rollout has commenced!). And rest assured you can count on more new Design Space features in the coming months.  

Watch this video to learn how to use both features in Design Space: 

Thanks again for your support and patience as we honor our commitment to continually improve Design Space for everyone! 


When will I be able to use or preview these features in Design space?   

To help us ensure that everything goes smoothly, Automatic Background Remover and Restore Brush features will roll out together at a slightly slower pace than v6.14 itself,  so you may receive these features several days after you update to v6.14.  We anticipate all users will receive these features within just a few weeks after update to v6.14. 

What if I don’t have Cricut Access™? Can I still use the existing, Manual tools?   

Absolutely! The Manual tools are still available to all users regardless of Cricut Access subscription status. Nothing there has changed.  

Which types of images work best for the automatic background remover feature?   

Images with well-defined foreground and background work best.   

Why is Automatic Background Remover available only for Access subscribers?  

As we continue our work to improve the Design Space experience, we have a commitment to do so for all of our members, including Cricut Access™ subscribers.  

What are the benefits of Cricut Access™ and how do I sign up for a free trial? 

You can learn more about the benefits of Cricut Access™  in Design Space. You may even be eligible for a free trial! If you’d like to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription you can do so here. 

Will images that I upload during a free trial still be available for use after my free-trial ends if I don’t subscribe?  

Yes, any uploaded images will remain yours to use after your free trial or subscription has ended. 

Is Automatic Background Remover available in all Design Space platforms and apps?
This feature will be available in Design Space for Desktop v6.14 and higher only.

Learn more and read step-by-step instructions in our Help Center


All about Cricut Mug Press .

The Cricut Mug Press™ is now available in the UK and Ireland! We’re so excited about being able to make professional quality, personalised mugs for every occasion, with ease, at home!

What is the Mug Press?

Visit our introductory post to find out all about Cricut Mug Press and our first tutorial post here. In this post we will share with you a few more handy links to helpful articles plus tips for using your Cricut Mug Press.

We’ll cover:

Tell me more about how to use Cricut Mug Press

You will find this YouTube playlist extremely helpful when using your Cricut Mug Press for the first time or finding out more about how to make your own mugs.

There are ten short videos taking you each step of the mug-making process, each one just a few minutes long so you can get to grips with how it works quickly. They’re great to watch back the first few times you’re making mugs just so you can remind yourself of the process.

Where can I find Mug Press designs in Design Space?

When you are ready to make your first mug, you will find projects and images set up ready for you to get started in Cricut Design Space.

You can find lots of ready-to-make Mug Press projects by heading to ‘Projects’ and filtering by ‘Infusible Ink’ to see all the latest available. There is even a Mug Design Setup project that creates a template for you, so you can personalise your own, exactly how you want it!

In images, you can also filter by Mug Press under ‘Project Type’ to see all the different designs that have been created so you can find the best design to suit you!

How to use the Mug Design Set Up project

Head to the projects area in Cricut Design Space and filter by ‘Infusible Ink’. Find the Mug Design Setup project and select this. You will need to use the dropdown box below ‘Finished Size’ to select the size of your mug. If this is a Cricut Mug, this can be found on the packaging.

Select ‘customise’ and the mug template will load into your canvas area. You can see there are two cut lines, the outer black line will cut through both the Infusible Ink material and the backing so that you can easily use this as a guide to position your design when adhering to the mug.

The rectangle layer is the perfect size for a full-colour design around your mug, you will use this as a guide for positioning your images.

Finally, there are some handy red guides at the top of the template that show you where your image will be visible when placed onto the mug.

With this template, you can use lots of images in Design Space to create your personalised mug! Head to ‘Images’ and browse the hundreds of thousands of designs that are available. Select your images and enter them into the canvas.

Position your images inside the template area. We have just used one image in this example but you could add multiple images plus text to cut out too, making it totally unique to you!

When you are happy with your mug design, select all the images and text you added, as well as the template design layers and use the ‘attach’ tool.

Remove the red mug guides layer and then you are ready to continue and make it! Follow the on-screen guidance and don’t forget to mirror your design before going to cut.

We would love to see your Cricut Mug Press makes! Make sure to use the hashtag #CricutUK and tag us into your posts and stories on Instagram so that we can admire and share your amazing projects.