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We hope you enjoy the contents of your goodybag. Let us help you with your Cricut projects…we’ve created four quick videos to show you how to complete each project and make the most of the contents of your bag.

When you make your projects or use the items from your Cricut goody bag, please do share them with us by tagging @Cricut_UK on Instagram so that we can admire them!

  • Learn how to make your winter wall hanging here.
  • Follow the instructions to make your festive wreath here.
  • Find out about Cricut writable labels here.
  • Contact the team here.
  • For Influencer Collaborations get in touch on Aspire IQ here.

We’d love to see

Your goody bag was also created with Cricut.

We cut the Cricut logo and the tree shape out of Cricut Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheets and added an Iron-on star to the top of the tree. We even have bottle bags that are compatible with Infusible Ink for the classic ‘bottle-in-a-bag’ Christmas gift.

Find out more about Infusible Ink in our YouTube playlist here.

Let’s make it a Cricut Christmas

Honestly, we can’t think of anything festive that can’t be customised with Cricut! From personalised baubles and stockings to home decor, from homemade food and drink gifts to the gift packaging itself, Cricut has it all covered. Or how about jumping on trends like Christmas Eve boxes or matching family pyjamas? That’s all taken care of too.

We can provide tutorials, images, inspiration, and advice explaining how your readers / audience can enjoy a handmade Christmas with Cricut. And it goes without saying that Cricut is the ultimate Christmas gift for crafters, creatives, home organisers, side hustlers, fashionistas, in fact, just about everyone!

Simply email and we’ll gather together everything you need for your Christmas content. If you’d like to try a Cricut machine, EasyPress, Infusible Ink or any of the products you saw on our stand at the show, then the team can help here too!

Learn how to make your winter wall hanging.

Follow the instructions to make your festive wreath.

Discover Cricut Joy cards.

Find out about Cricut writable labels.