Where can I find the Cricut UK shop?

The Cricut UK shop can be found at www.Cricut.com. You will be automatically sent to the UK shop if you are based in the UK. 

Can I get a discount on the Cricut online shop if I am a Cricut Access subscriber? 

When you check out your order you will need to log in with your Design Space username and password. Access subscribers will automatically receive 10% off their order.

What are the other benefits of Cricut Access? 

Cricut Access is an auto-renewing subscription to the Cricut library of images, fonts, and ready-to-make projects.

With Cricut Access, you’ll have use of all Cricut content marked with the Cricut Access symbol (the green A) for the duration of your subscription. Subscribers also enjoy other benefits, such as unlimited Collections in Design Space.

Further information on the benefits of Cricut Access can be found here.

Are there plans to introduce Cricut Premium to the UK? 

There are currently no plans to introduce a second tier of Cricut Access to the UK.

Will Cricut Access be available on the UK Shop for purchase? 

Yes, it is possible to purchase a Cricut Access subscription on the UK Cricut shop.

How do I get free shipping? 

Any purchase over £100 is entitled to free shipping on the UK Cricut Shop.

Why is there a shipping price of £8?  

Shipping costs are currently set at £8 as the warehouse is situated outside of the UK. We will review shipping costs periodically and reduce them wherever possible.

I have a code from a Facebook group, does this give me a discount? 

If you spend more than £50 and add a discount code into the box at checkout you can receive a discount on your order. Please note that Machines, Subscriptions, and Digital purhcases are excluded from discount codes.

Will there be bundles with promos like on the US Cricut Shop? 

Look out for details about bundles and promotions in email communications from Cricut.

I have heard that Mystery Boxes (and Cuties) are available in the US. Will they now be available in the UK on the Cricut shop?  

We know Mystery Boxes (and Cricut Cuties) are anticipated by our UK Members. We expect to begin offering Mystery Boxes in the next few months.  Mystery Boxes containing Cuties are exclusive to Cricut Access subscribers.  

Will there be more products available in the UK now that there is a UK Cricut Shop?  

There are currently more than 700 Cricut materials, tools and accessories available in the UK.

New items will be added to the UK Cricut Shop as they launch globally or are added to the UK range.  

Can I keep my payment cards separate for Design Space purchases and Cricut Shop? 

If you keep more than one card on file, you’ll be able to choose which card you want to use for your purchase. Payment will automatically default to the last card you used on either site. If you want to make a payment with a different card that is also saved in your account, you’ll need to choose it from the drop-down menu.

Your payment profile has been merged between Cricut Shop and Design Space. This means that any card you add or update will be reflected in both Cricut Shop and Design Space. Additionally, any card you remove will be removed in both Cricut Shop and Design Space. Our goal is to make it easier for you to manage your payment cards across multiple platforms.

Why can’t I edit my saved credit or debit card? How can I change my payment information? 

In order to keep your card details secure, you cannot directly update or edit a saved credit or debit card. If you wish to edit a saved card, please delete the existing card and re-add the card with the correct details. This can all be done in your account on Cricut Shop. There are prompts along the way to make this process easy to follow.

How do I check the status of my order?  

Click here for information on how to check the status of your Cricut.com order.   

How do I change my billing and shipping address?  

Click here for information on how to update your address in your Cricut.com account.  

I am in the Republic of Ireland. Can I place an order on Cricut.com? 

We do not currently accept Euros as payment on Cricut.com.