Cricut Mug Press Has Arrived!

The Cricut Mug Press™ has arrived in the UK and Ireland! Create beautiful and personalised mugs for yourself or as a gift with the new Mug Press.

We introduced Cricut Mug Press a few months back and are super excited that from 1st October, makers will be able to buy it online and at selected retailers, online and in-store, in the UK and Ireland.

What is the Mug Press?

Want a new way to decorate your mugs? The Cricut Mug Press is the perfect option for creating personalised mugs with ease. Use with Infusible Ink ™ Transfer Sheets and Infusible Ink ™ Marker Pens, to create beautiful designs.

With Infusible Ink, once heated, the design becomes one with the mug itself, meaning no tears or cracks, plus they are dishwasher safe!

Simply create your design on Cricut Design Space, then use your Cricut machine to cut this out with Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or draw with the Infusible Ink Marker Pens.

After this, adhere your design to the mug and place it into the Cricut Mug Press. Your mug needs to be either a Cricut mug or a compatible sublimation mug.

Insert your mug, lower the lever, and let the press do the rest! The advanced heat plate applies the perfect time and temperature settings, so you don’t have to think about that.

For best results, we’ve outlined step-by-step instructions in the Cricut Heat Guide.

Where can I buy Cricut MugPress?

Cricut Mug Press will be available online on the Cricut UK Shop from 1st October.

As well as your local Cricut retailers from 1st October:





John Lewis

Harvey Norman

Want to see the Mug Press firsthand? Head to one of the following Hobbycraft stores for an up-close experience of the Mug Press from 1st October:
















Tunbridge Wells

Epping Forest


Belfast Newtownabbey


Kings Lynn

Boucher Crescent










Join us for a Month of Makes

We know how easy it is to get caught up in a creative funk and all of a sudden, a month has passed and you haven’t made anything just for the joy of being creative. With the question over the final lockdown restrictions easing, and uncertainty around events, holidays and get-togethers, a little craft time can be the perfect pick-me-up.

The Cricut #MonthOfMakes is for everyone who wants to get making but doesn’t feel inspired. Or for anyone who feels they don’t have the time to commit to making something.  Throughout July, we’ll share a quick and easy project to make in our Instagram stories each day.  Each project will come with a prompt giving you the perfect balance of inspiration and flexibility to join in and make something for yourself.

And how much you make is perfectly up to you. You might be inspired by one particular project prompt, or maybe you could dedicate the same half-hour every week to your creating. Of course, we’d love to see people joining in every day!

Join in on social media by sharing pictures of your makes with the hashtag #MonthOfMakes – and we even got some special stickers for your Instagram stories!


Meet the all-new Cricut Maker 3 & Cricut Explore 3

We’re thrilled to announce the latest generation of two of our industry-leading smart cutting machines.   

Introducing Cricut Maker™ 3, the most powerful smart cutting machine we’ve ever made.  (See our detailed post here.)

Cricut Maker 3

Also meet Cricut Explore™ 3, a perfect (and perfectly affordable) entry point into the world of pro-level crafting.  (See more here.)

Thanks to some incredible innovation and a lot of hard work from our development teams, not only can these machines do everything they can today, but now they have more performance and features packed into the same compact, home-friendly footprint you already know and love. 

Make in record time

We’ve heard from you that the only thing that holds you back from making is time. While we can’t change the fact that there are 24 hours in a day, we can change how fast your cutting machine can work for you. The all-new Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3 have more powerful motors, which means you now have the ability to cut up to 2X faster than before, when using Smart Materials™ — all without sacrificing power or precision. 

Introducing Smart Materials

Both Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3 work with our all-new Smart Materials. We designed these machines and Smart Materials to work together. The machines have special material guides, and the materials are engineered with a proprietary construction — all to keep your materials perfectly aligned and on track from start to finish. 

All of this adds up to a big new creative opportunity: For the first time ever, you can make cuts up to 12 ft (3.6 m) long in one go. Sensors inside the machines measure your material before cutting to ensure you have enough for your project. If more material is needed, Design Space™ will prompt you to load more. 

Since there’s nothing to prep, you can keep your focus on the best part — making.   

Go the distance 

With Smart Materials, Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3 can cut up to 12 ft (3.6 m) in one go. Your time is precious, and you will save a lot of it – just load & go. 

Let’s introduce you to the Smart Materials available at launch

Smart Vinyl™ 

The all-new Cricut Smart Vinyl is available in both permanent and removable varieties. It also comes in a wide array of colors, effects, and material lengths from 3 ft (0.9 m) to 75 ft (22.9 m). 

Cricut Smart Materials - Vinyl
Smart Iron-On™ 

Cut a single image up to 4 ft (1.2 m) or repeated shapes up to 12 ft (3.6 m). Make a custom T-shirt for yourself or the entire team. Available in a variety of colors and effects. 

Cricut Smart Materials - Iron-on
Smart Paper™ Sticker Cardstock  

That’s right — with Smart Paper, you’ll be able to just load a sheet into the machine without a mat. With the perfect kiss cut, all you need to do is peel and stick. Create fun cards, bold banners, and layered paper projects without the messy glue. 

Smart Materials - Adhesive paper

New materials, new accessories

Both machines are compatible with Roll Holder (sold separately and coming soon after launch) to support rolls of Smart Materials up to 75 ft (22.9 m). It keeps your material tidy for a hands-free feed into the machine and even has a convenient built-in trimmer for super-clean finish. 

Cricut Roll Holder

You might also love our new 13 in (33 cm) Portable Trimmer (sold separately) to keep all of your materials neat, clean, and ready for the next cut.  

Cricut 13" trimmer

Beautiful from all angles

There’s one more obvious change to Cricut Explore 3 – no dial! Now, all material settings are in Design Space. Cricut Explore 3 also features a tray to hold your mobile device or tablet while working. 

We designed the new Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3 machines to complement your workspace without dominating the room. Each sophisticated and sleek machine will look great in your space. 

Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3 will be available from your favourite Cricut retailers online on June 10th and in stores later in June.

Introducing Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3

More questions?

We’ve introduced each machine in a separate blog post. Click here for Cricut Maker 3 and her for Cricut Explore 3.

Check out machine-specific FAQs for Cricut Explore 3  and Cricut Maker 3.  

Find out more about Smart Materials.

Introducing Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3

Make to sell with Cricut

At Cricut, we’re passionate about enabling our maker community to turn their dreams into a reality. Our machines, tools, accessories, and software allow people to lead creative lives every day, enabling them to discover new passions and possibilities.

But what if that passion could be turned into a business venture, and you could make money being creative? Here are some of the different ways our members have been using Cricut in their businesses.

Nurture & Cheer

We interviewed Emma of Nurture & Cheer to find out how she designs and makes her own products with the help of her Cricut machines. In this video she explains how she has been able to do more with her machine including expanding her product offering to include her own hand-lettering designs and the ability to offer personalisation on her items. Click here to watch the interview.

Lemon & Bear

Megan Birnie set up her business when she couldn’t find things she wanted for her own wedding and decided to make them instead. She soon realised that other people might be looking for them too, so started selling them. Read the story of her side-hustle here.

The Crafty Gentleman

Mike, otherwise known to his social media followers and customers as The Crafty Gentleman, uses his Cricut to make handmade gifts for crafters and makers. He sells both finished items, such as project bags, and pre-cut iron-on decals that his customers can apply to T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, totes, banners, and many more fabrics. Click here to visit his store.

The Bargello Edit

Nerrisa at The Bargello Edit runs workshops and sells patterns and kits for the super-addictive art of Bargello tapestry. She uses a Cricut to personalise the bags she supplies her kits in. She’s a self-confessed Cricut addict too, so you can see some of her other creations on her Instagram feed.

Laurel Mae Art

Full-time artist Laurel transforms her cute and cosy illustrations into prints, stickers, greetings cards, and bookmarks and sells them in her Etsy shop. She uses her Cricut machine to make stickers that she has drawn digitally and uploaded into Design Space to cut. She shares some of her processes and behind the scenes in her studio on her Instagram feed and stories.

Eimear Hutchinson

Eimear creates stunning map art with the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool from her home in Sligo, Ireland. She makes beautiful personalised gifts and even includes some heart stickers cut from red vinyl so that you can place them on your foiled map in your favourite places.

The Global Cricut Community

People all over the world are using their Cricut machines to sell their makes. Our colleagues in the USA have also been discovering the amazing ways members of our community use our products in their businesses. You can read more about that here.

If you’re marketing your business via social media, we’d love to be tagged on Instagram @officialcricut_uk or Facebook @officialcricuteurope so we can see your creations!